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  1. MavericK

    Monster Hunter Stories 2 - Switch & PC

    Anyone else excited for this? Demo is out now and the game comes out tomorrow. Didn't see any other thread, but it's on both PC and Switch.
  2. MavericK

    Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Thread

    I couldn't find a thread for the Switch release, the only one is in PC gaming for the later PC release, so it made sense to create one here. 4 days! I am hyped. Got the collector's edition on pre-order, hoping it actually shows up on Friday. Feel free to post Switch friend codes if anyone...
  3. MavericK

    Deep Rock Galactic - 4-player co-op mining/shooting

    I tried searching but found no thread for this game. It's currently on sale on Steam for $20, after a free weekend. I picked it up today, and it's a lot of fun! Hopped into a couple of missions with randoms who were higher level but very helpful and friendly. It's basically a risk/reward...
  4. MavericK

    Nvidia Hotfix Driver 461.33 - Fix for VR Stuttering Part 1 Doesn't address the stuttering when using monitoring tools (I had a lot of issues with RGB software services causing...
  5. MavericK

    RTX 3080 vs Radeon 6800 XT - VR testing

    Didn't see a thread for this so I figured I would start one. Others can post similar articles as well if desired. Seems like the 3080 is on top in most tests, trading blows in others.
  6. MavericK

    Amazing VR bundle @ Humble Bundle

    Some really great games on there for the price. I already have many of them but if you don't, this is a steal.
  7. MavericK

    VR Benchmarks for 3080 and 3090 (Vive Pro)

    Might be of interest to some:
  8. MavericK

    RTX 3000 Series - Founder's or AIB?

    Just curious - are you in for the Founder's Edition push-pull cooler, or the standard AIB triple-fan setups? The new cooler sounds interesting but I wonder how it will perform as opposed to tried-and-true triple-fan designs.
  9. MavericK

    Weird issue with H100i + 4790K

    So, I have been using the H100i with my 4790K for about 6 years now, always worked fine. Temps usually got up into the 70s or 80s with a 4.6ghz overclock. Recently I replaced the fans on the rad with something a bit stronger. Idle temps stayed the same, but now with my overclock the temps...
  10. MavericK

    Non-Gigabyte OC Software option for Gigabyte card?

    Just a quick question - I recently discovered that the Xtreme/Aorus Engine software for my Gigabyte GTX 1080 is causing the display to not be able to enter sleep mode. Problem is, without this software loaded and running, I am unable to overclock the card to my normal speeds. Is there a decent...
  11. MavericK

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Anyone else interested in this? I used to love the GC game way back in college. Picking this up thinking the wife and I might play it together. Amazon physical copies are delayed until March 24th, but no biggie for me.
  12. MavericK

    The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

    Haven't picked this up yet, but may check it out with my Boneworks refund money. A bit more expensive, but apparently a lot more "game" than Boneworks from what I've heard. Anyone have any experience with this one? It's getting some pretty rave reviews.
  13. MavericK

    2080S + CPU or 2080 Ti?

    If I'm going to spend ~$1000-1500 on upgrades, and I'm running a 4790K at 4.6 GHz, would I be better suited getting a 9900KF and a 2080 Super, or just going for the 2080 Ti alone? Pretty much all for gaming, 1440p but may go 4K in the future.
  14. MavericK

    Logitech G29 + Shifter combo @ Rakuten - $234.97 FS

    Found this over on SD - was looking at getting this wheel for a long time, and currently there is a deal for just the wheel on Newegg for around $188, but with shipping and tax it brought the price up too far. This seems like a better deal, since you also get the shifter which is ~$60 itself...
  15. MavericK

    RAID Woes with Asus P6T Deluxe (v1)

    Wasn't really sure where to post this, but we'll try here. I recently rotated my i7 920 build out of "main PC" use, so I was going to reuse it as a storage / VM box to play around on. Using the Asus P6T Deluxe original version with the SAS controller. I did a full CMOS reset and started from...
  16. MavericK

    5.1 PCM via optical possible?

    I just bought a set of Logitech Z-906s (still rocking the 5.1 setup) and connected to my Sound Blaster Zx via optical cable. Found out that to get 5.1 audio you have to have a Dolby or DTS source, which most PC games apparently do not support. So, is it possible to get 5.1 PCM output via...
  17. MavericK

    Fanatical Staff Picks of 2018 Bundle - Up to 5 games, starting at $1

    Some really excellent deals here. The big one for me was The Sexy Brutale, which looks amazing. Some other good picks in there as well, and super cheap. Get one game on the list for $1, 3 games for $2.49, and 5 games for $3.49. Less than a dollar per game at higher levels...
  18. MavericK

    Just in Time Incorporated

    Didn't see a thread for this, actually a pretty fun little game. Fairly basic, but some of the puzzles did give me a bit of a challenge. Seems like it'd be a good game to demo VR to people, like Job Simulator and The Lab. Half off currently, worth the <$8 IMO.
  19. MavericK

    Space Junkies Beta Codes

    Only a few days left to try, but here are my invite codes if anyone wants them. Haven't tried the game yet but I hear it's pretty fun. Enjoy!
  20. MavericK

    Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - August 28th, 2018 on Switch

    Figured this deserved its own thread - coming out in August, TONS of monsters. Updated graphics from the 3DS version of Generations. This has been out in Japan as MonHun XX (Double-Cross) for awhile now, finally localized and coming to the west...
  21. MavericK

    Bunch of 2 TB HDDs, best RAID/array solution?

    I've been coming into a lot of 2 TB enterprise drives recently and was thinking of getting an array going. Looking for an inexpensive (sub-$100) solution to build an array, ideally maximizing storage space with a bit of redundancy (RAID 5/6?). This would primarily be for media / general file...
  22. MavericK

    HyperV takes forever to Start/Stop

    Hello, Just starting to play with HyperV for the first time - got a rig up and running to play with, and it seems like regardless of the VM I try to spin up, it takes like 10-20 minutes for it to start or stop. Is this normal? I wouldn't say the machine is particularly slow, but it's not...
  23. MavericK

    Bethesda at it again... (paid mods)

    Surprised I didn't see any thread or conversation about this - Bethesda announced in their E3 the intention of adding a paid mod system to Skyrim and Fallout 4. I seem to recall they tried this before and it did not turn out well for them... I think the downvotes say it all. I don't really...
  24. MavericK

    Rick and Morty VR - April 20th

    My body is ready. No idea on price (my guess is somewhere between $20-30) but it looks like a wacky good time. Same studio who did Job Simulator.
  25. MavericK

    Steam VR Anniversary Sale

    Thought it was worth posting - some decent deals on games, including stuff like Job Simulator which has never been discounted before (to my knowledge).
  26. MavericK

    4K HEVC Playback

    So, I recently purchased a 4K TV and tried playing some 4K video on my HTPC with disappointing results. The video is either completely choppy/unwatchable or still exhibits stutter, depending on the video sample. Specs: Phenom II X4 965 Black 8 GB DDR3 GTX 970 It appears my HTPC will not play...
  27. MavericK

    X:Rebirth - VR Version coming H1 2017

    This game had mixed reviews when it came out, but after many patches and expansions...maybe it's good now? Either way, could be pretty cool in VR.
  28. MavericK

    Doom 3 BFG VR Mod

    Apparently this is the hot new thing on the Vive - Doom 3 VR mod. I haven't tried it yet but it looks fairly cool. Video:
  29. MavericK

    Vive Wireless Kit Coming soon...$220 and 1.5 hour battery life with a larger pocket battery coming later. Thoughts? Personally getting rid of the cable is not worth $220 to me, and the battery life of abysmal. But it's progress and I can appreciate that.
  30. MavericK

    Microsoft VR headsets for Windows 10 - starting at $299

    Interesting...doesn't sound as robust as the Vive/Rift/PSVR solutions but the price seems right. Microsoft announces new VR headsets for Windows 10, starting at $299
  31. MavericK

    Accounting - free experience by Rick and Morty creator

    Like Rick and Morty? Play this shit! It's free! Short but good.
  32. MavericK

    John Wick Chronicles - Coming Feb. 2017 to Vive

    This has definitely caught my attention. Might just be something like a wave shooter (not really clear at this point), but graphically looks very good and I loved John Wick.
  33. MavericK

    Space Odyssey - Upcoming VR Title from Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    Sounds like it could be cool - supposed to be sort of No Man's Sky-ish but, not shit.
  34. MavericK

    VR Games Worth a Second Look

    Hey guys, Found this article today and thought it had some really good recommendations, based on my experience. These are games that have been good for awhile, but have undergone some massive content updates and/or bug fixes and are in a much better state than when you may have first seen...
  35. MavericK

    Raw Data 0.3 - Crashes / Terrible performance after patch

    I haven't played this game too much, but before the latest patch I was able to run SS at max in game (2.0) and get decent performance. Now, the game has all sorts of problems. -If SS is enabled in the Steam config, the game doesn't even run right. Massive stutter and everything looks tiny...
  36. MavericK

    Obduction - New game from Cyan Worlds, creator of Myst

    This just came out today - didn't see any thread for it other than a KS from 2013. Obduction ® on Steam Only a $30 title so not $60 like certain other "indie" titles recently... :p So far the reviews are very positive. I picked it up myself and graphically this game is quite stunning...
  37. MavericK

    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    See title - looking to find out what the best 140mm case fans are these days. I have a couple of Corsair AF ones but they seem like they are starting to buzz or something, quite annoying. I've been out of the fan game for awhile so I'm not sure what is good these days. Not looking to spend a...
  38. MavericK

    AMD Testing a 4K, 120 Hz VR HMD

    Very interesting: UPDATE: AMD Working on 4K, 120Hz VR HMD | VRFocus Apparently it's not AMD's display but the specs are supposedly correct. My question is, how are we going to push 4K times 2 at 120 FPS? That just seems crazy at this point in time. I imagine technologies like nVidia's SMP...
  39. MavericK

    Valve is opening up its Vive VR trackers to custom hardware

    Valve is opening up its Vive VR trackers to custom hardware Pretty cool...probably could see Touch-like controllers on the Vive. Definitely more reason to pick up a Vive.
  40. MavericK

    "Image Not Available"

    Not sure if this was reported yet, but when I click on FPN links that have photos, and then click the thumbnails, it just says "Image Not Available" on the page that opens. Seems to happen with all of these links.