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    I can’t wait for b550

    All I want are 2 full speed gen3 m.2 slots that don’t rob lanes from the gpu slot. Everything else can be a cut and paste from b450. I don’t care about pcie 4.0 right now. I dont want a chipset fan. I could care less about maxed out vrms bc anything better than what I have now I probably...
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    X570 Taichi owners

    Thinking about buying one after Black Friday. How have your experiences been?
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    Pcie bifurcation X299 + 7820x

    Do you guys know of any x299 boards that have bifurcation enabled on the 8x slot when using a 28 lane CPU?
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    Anyone in the SF Bay Area with an X399 setup?

    I just got there. I have Intel systems available to me. Everything worked fine on z270, z370, x99, x299 by setting XMP and reboot. I'm really curious about what would happen if I stuffed a Threadripper setup with one 64gb kit at 3200, then the 2nd one. Anyone down to experiment?
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    ASUS rma advice

    Something from work just fell into my lap. We sent in 2x7970 Direct cu ii's to Asus for RMA months ago. Asus sent the replacements to the wrong address, now they're stonewalling. Anyone have any advice, someone I can talk to direct at Asus, etc??
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    How is BF4 360 as of 2/4/2014

    I'm not getting an xbone until after E3. I'm kind of bored with Ghosts. There's no way I'd play BF4 on PC. How's BF4 multiplayer on 360??
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    ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Stability??

    I'm putting together a gift PC. Looking at this mobo, b/c it's cheap and this person won't do multi GPU. I just want stable with a 955 BE (have one a friend gave me out of his old graphic design box) Thoughts from long term owners???
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    Intel RMA

    I sent in my 2600k yesterday. Ran stock as an editing machine. One day it just wouldn't POST. Generated my RMA thru intel chat, fairly easy. Has anyone ever been denied replacement? If recent, did they send back the same gen/model cpu??