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  1. Aegir

    5800X Sanded Flat It's been sanded flat and is incredibly shiny.
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    Redragon K586-Pro

    So I wanted a second keyboard for my setup on the other side of the wall, and I wanted it cheap. Cheap, but with EVERY feature I wanted. A few macro buttons, volume knob, media controls, and of course, RGB. Well, I first bought a Corsair K55. I usually have a certain feeling about Corsair...
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    EVGA 2070 XC 8GB
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    Power Conditioning and Overclocking

    Would using a power conditioner, a line conditioner, help with overclocking? To smooth out the bumps, dips, and spikes before it hits the PSU. Would it give any benefit to performance or overclocking? Has this been tested?
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    Phison PS5018-E18 Controller

    Finally released in the form of the new Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus. I've been waiting for something E18 for ages now. Any other models coming out? $200 for 1 TB is pretty expensive, but honestly, not really a big deal, considering it's second gen PCIe 4.0. 7000 MB/s and 6000 MB/s write. But...
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    Should I slice the PCIe slot on the motherboard or slice the PCIe rail on the GPU to get physical 1x?

    I'm building a sweet server machine and I want it to have a GPU for easy GUI maintenance. It's gotta be a low profile card, which I can find, but even better, it should be 1x physical so I can keep my big PICe slots free for what counts: The 4-port 10 gigabit ethernet card. So in that case, do...
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    So what's the deal with GamerStorm's logo?

    What a goofy face, huh? But they have some fun cases it seems. Anyone use 'em before?
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    Don't forget to cycle your RAM stick positions every year.

    Wait what. Well, I just opened my PC and felt my RAM. The one in A1 is warm, and the others are cool. That means that A1 is always used first for everything, and the others only get used when I have a need to fill them. Well, not much fills 32GB of RAM, so I wouldn't be surprised if the RAM in...
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    I need flawlessly binned DDR4 RAM. What's the good stuff?

    I'm looking for memory chips that are essentially flawless on the silicon level. I'm not looking to overclock, nor do I care if the chips themselves are extremely fast. I need this flawless memory for critical applications that cannot ever have any errors or glitches. It's fine if it's...
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    NVMe to PCIe Adapter

    My friend has an ITX motherboard with an NVMe slot where a PCIe slot could be. So could it be possible to create an adapter that plugs into the NVMe slot and then introduces an x1 PCIe slot? I'm not saying this does exist or even should exist. But could it exist?
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    4-Port 10-Gigabit NIC
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    Corsair SF750 Small Form Factor SFX Power Supply
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    Can a 10 gigabit ethernet NIC communicate properly with a 2.5 gigabit ethernet port?

    I'm building a router that uses a 4-port 10 gigabit PCIe card, and the specs say it's compatible with 10 gigabit and 1 gigabit speeds. Does this mean that it won't negotiate to 2.5 gigabit speeds? It is either 1 or 10, but not 2.5? I'm a total newbie to NICs, so I hope my question is clear enough.
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    I'm selling the ROG Strix B550-i ITX Motherboard! You have no idea how hard it was to get one of these. But once it arrived, I changed my mind, so now it can be yours.
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    Slim mATX case with vertical GPU mounting.

    Slim. Lithe. Tight. Powerful. This is going to be a media PC, which lies on its side flat. I want it as small and flat as possible, so let me know if you have any case recommendations.
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    AMD Goings On...

    So what's the catch? AMD is doing pretty darn well, but a lot of people are saying: "They're only being "nice" while they're second. The moment they surpass Intel, or even Nvidia, that's when they go rotten and get greedy." Will their innovation stop? Will they stagnate? Will they start...
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    SSD+SSD+HDD RAID Configurations - Is speed with security possible?

    Two 1TB SSDs in RAID 0, with one 2TB HDD linking it into RAID 10. How do I make sure that the speeds don't average out with the HDD? How do I make sure that data is drawn from the SSD first? I want the speed of two SSDs in RAID 0, but a backup HDD that can fit the entirety of both of them...
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    Transparent vacuum sealed double-pane glass case that can withstand blazing fire. And more!

    Transparent vacuum sealed double-pane glass case that can withstand blazing fire. A computer that has a home in a clean-burning gas fireplace, cooled with air-pipes that bring in air from outside. There's no way this would happen, nor is there a good reason for it. But hey, what are some other...
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    AMD RX 480 8GB Sold by me.
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    Heckin' heavy power supply!!? Can it be used to power TWO motherboards?

    I recently ordered a used workstation power supply off a certain auction website. It's a 1060 watt BEAST from a Lenovo ThinkStation apparently. What does all this weight mean? I have another 1000 watt PSU, but it's not nearly this heavy. Is it just really darn stable and powerful? Anyways, my...
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    Any warnings about making my own case?

    I love working with wood and acrylic, but I don't want to damage any electronic equipment. Are there any safety guidelines when it comes to dealing with electrostatic discharge or other cataclysmic events? I've just screwed motherboard stand-off screws directly into wood. Is there anything I...
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    Year of the Desktop VR? How many more iterations will it take before VR is flawless?

    And what defines a "flawless" experience? Visuals? Hand controls? Foot controls? Tactile force-feedback? What will be the breaking point of when VR becomes better than reality? What features would you like to see improved, besides visual clarity? And what features don't exist yet that should...
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    Physical Location of Distinct CPU Cores?

    I'm interested in advanced overclocking that disables some cores for optimal clocking. Specifically, I want to disable two of six cores on an x5690. If the cores are positioned like this ::: then I'd wanna shut down the middle two so it's more like : : Anyone know how they're arranged and...
  24. Aegir

    After Market Cooler For Retro Geforce FX

    I'm too young to have known what was good back in the day, so any recommendations? I've got a BFG FX card and the heatsink is thin and pathetic. I don't need a monster, but I feel that I ought to replace this.
  25. Aegir

    I need a 2nd video card for a 2nd monitor!?

    So I have an R9 Fury X. A good card, sure. But it can't handle my 4K@60Hz television AND my 1080p monitor at the same time. It just can't push enough pixels for both, thus only one can be active at a time. So I'm trying to find that perfect sweet spot between "old and used" and "modern but...
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    Recommendation for a 15-Minute UPS with Clean Power

    So I'm interested in a cheap home UPS that gives 15, or even 5 minutes of power, and also delivers a clean, smooth current. I dunno if that terminology is correct, but if you're the one who knows about this stuff then you probably know what I mean. The UPS should also be able to send a signal...
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    Looking to narrow down my search for a nice keyboard.

    Hey there keyboard nerds, I need some help finding the perfect keyboard for me. My current keyboard is an ancient Microsoft Sidewinder X4, and it's great, but for sure incredibly aged. The paint is falling off, and the domes are squished and not exactly impressive, considering that they're...
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    ATX vs mATX vs ITX

    Does downsizing remove features? Are those features actually useful or relevant? Does it limit speeds? Create compatibility issues? More difficult to cool? Let me know your experiences.
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    What are your ideal motherboard features?

    Selecting a motherboard isn't enough. Let's say you're *designing* one instead. What features do you put in? Don't be worried about going over budget. Even chipsets and cooling solutions can be configured to your ideal.
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    Ultra-Retro Extreme Capability and Compatibility Build

    It begins. The components have already been shipped, and now I must simply wait for the glorious day that they arrive. Hours upon hours of searching has yielded me the Jetway 663AS Ultra Motherboard. A Socket 462 aka Socket A motherboard equipped with the VT82C686B chipset. Yes, the 686B, not...