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  1. kirbyrj

    Should I step up or not? 3070 FHR to 3080 LHR

    I just got my EVGA step up notice that my original purchase of a 3070 XC3 is eligible for a Step up to a 3080 FTW3. Obviously, they don't have any FHR cards, so I'd be getting a LHR. They both should hash about the same give or take. But obviously, the gaming performance should be better. It...
  2. kirbyrj

    Suspected Illegal "Largest" Ukraine Crypto Mining Farm was actually a FIFA bot farm on PS4s As it turns out, the crypto haters were wrong. Last weeks seizure of a suspected "crypto mining" operation was incorrect as no one was actually mining crypto. The evidence suggests that the facility in Vinnytsia could...
  3. kirbyrj

    Shouldn't 850W be enough? Faulty PSU?

    I'm running an EVGA FTW3 3090 on the "normal" bios and have a 5950x without PBO or any additional boosting enabled. The only other component I have in my system is a 2TB NVMe drive, a 240mm AIO, and several case fans. My PSU is an EVGA 850W Supernova Gold PSU that I got from the "B-stock" a...
  4. kirbyrj

    Techspot - 32 Game Benchmarks - Ryzen 7 5800x vs. Intel 11700k TLDR Conclusions: 5800x - 4% faster at 1080p; 3% faster at 1440p; 4k no difference Looks like the power draw, marginally better performance, and ability to upgrade to 12/16 Cores overcomes the IGP and slightly cheaper...
  5. kirbyrj

    Taxbit Cost Basis Question

    I have BTC and ETH in Coinbase, and moved some of it over to BlockFi in order to make interest on it. I have a question about cost basis. So... I use because it seems like it's a pretty reasonable website to keep track of taxes, etc. I used it to file my 2020 taxes without issue...
  6. kirbyrj

    Intel being Intel - No Rocket Lake on H410/B460 I get it that most people aren't going to upgrade their CPU without also upgrading their motherboard, especially on a cheap build... But if the socket supports it, just release...
  7. kirbyrj

    EVGA Step Up to 3XXX card

    Has anyone actually gotten a card through the step up program yet? Just curious. I have two 3070s I was planning on Stepping Up to 3080s, but was wondering about the timeframe. I can't imagine it's high on the EVGA priority list right now.
  8. kirbyrj

    PS5 Backward Compatibility Issues?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with backward compatibility. So far, I tried one game, Everybody's Golf, and it was completely unplayable. But that might be due to the swing mechanic and the timing with a new system (hopefully a patch can fix it?).
  9. kirbyrj

    SFX and 3080

    Currently, I have a Corsair SF600. Do you think this will be enough for a 3080 along with my 10700 (non-K)? My initial thoughts are that it should be seeing as the card shouldn't draw more than 350W and the CPU never more than 150W or so. The only other things I have in the setup are a M.2...
  10. kirbyrj

    MSI Subsidiary caught selling marked up Nvidia cards on eBay MSI subsidiary Starlit Partner has been caught selling new Nvidia 3080 cards at almost double the retail price on eBay. MSI has confirmed this and is working to remedy the...
  11. kirbyrj

    Super Mario 3 Prototype Sells for $31,200 This...
  12. kirbyrj

    Time to Take Moore's Law is Dead Nvidia Article Seriously...

    For reference: So far it has played out just like predicted: 1). Stellar Day 1 reviews 2). Complete lack of availability Real availability is at least a month from now... Adding the YT video... 3). AIBs trying to keep costs...
  13. kirbyrj

    2x14TB drives both won't show up in Windows/Synology

    I recently purchased two brand new 14TB WD DC HC530 drives, and I got them in the mail today. I hooked them up to my PC via USB dock. They either don't show up in Disk Management, or if they do, it's as a 751GB drive that won't initialize with CRC errors. I hooked them up using a WD USB...
  14. kirbyrj

    PSA: Corsair Issues Recall for Recent SFX Power Supplies Corsair has identified an issue with recent SF PSU's manufactured between Oct 2019 and March 2020. When in an environment with both “high temperatures, and high humidity”, the PSUs can unexpectedly fail. They are shipping out...
  15. kirbyrj

    Synology NAS File share help

    Alright, here's what I did: I had my Synology set up with a Static IP, but ended up changing it to a different one for various reasons. After the IP address change, my Windows machines will no longer see the shared folders when using the file explorer with the NAS name (e.g. \\NASNAME ), but...
  16. kirbyrj

    Pixel Class Action Lawsuit - Anyone get money?

    So when the class action lawsuit came around over the OG Pixel and the microphone issues, etc. came around, I filled out the online form. They wanted "documentation" so I pulled up my replacement part purchases on Ebay and used those using the snipping tool to add them as a .jpg to the form. I...
  17. kirbyrj

    Asetek mounting question AM4

    I have a Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120. It appears to be based on the tried and true Asetek circle design with the tabs around the block. It was released way before AM4 came out. Can I just buy an AM4 adapter for another Asetek rebranded cooler like something from Corsair...
  18. kirbyrj

    Child of Light - Free on Uplay Never played it, but it's free...
  19. kirbyrj

    HP Probook 430 G6 13.3" i5-8265U 1.60GHz 16GB RAM

    SOLD on Fleabay
  20. kirbyrj

    Nintendo/Sony Playstation Prototype Not an ebay auction, but if you have the cash, you can own it. I read that the owner turned down a...
  21. kirbyrj

    Plex Hardware Transcoding options

    Let's assume that I don't have a way to ensure that everything plays direct play, and I already know that direct play is the best way to do things and if I can find ways to direct play it's probably better anyway... Just get that out of the way before someone chimes in "Direct Play is better."...
  22. kirbyrj

    Ryzen Memory Calculator

    I have 2x16GB of Hynix CJR DDR4 3600 mhz (Ripjaws V stuff that I got pretty cheap). I set the XMP profile but dropped the CAS from 19 to 18 without issues. I've read other threads where people get these sticks to tighten up pretty well, so I put all the info into the Ryzen Memory Calculator...
  23. kirbyrj

    5700XT Driver Issues?

    Just wondering if you guys think this is driver related or if it's a bad card... Here's what I've been experiencing... Assassin's Creed Odyssey will randomly crash. I actually can't start the Atlantis DLC because it crashes at the intro everytime. The game itself will have random issues, but...
  24. kirbyrj

    Shuttle Support

    Anyone ever use Shuttle support before? I e-mailed them a question about an old box I have and they never got back to me. Just wondering if that's normal or not. Basically my Shuttle SH61R4 won't update the bios. It says that the bios is write-protected, but there is no way to disable the...
  25. kirbyrj

    Ubisoft donates 500,000 Euros / Assassin's Creed: Unity free for a week after Notre Dame fire Following the shocking events in Paris on Monday that saw the iconic Notre-Dame cathedral sustain devastating fire damage, Ubisoft has pledged to donate €500,000 to help with the restoration and reconstruction of the...
  26. kirbyrj

    Distro suggestion for P4 3.06/2GB

    I'm resurrecting the first computer I ever built, and am going to attempt to actually use it (a little). Originally used WinXP which isn't really an option anymore. So here are the specs: Processor: Intel P4 3.06 w/HT (upgraded from my original 2.53 Northwood) RAM: 2GB DDR 400 (I think I...
  27. kirbyrj

    der8auer busts the "extra power delivery pins" myth of the Z3XX chipsets Link to vid: TLDR: It's all a money grab by Intel.
  28. kirbyrj

    PS3 Cleaning/Maintenance

    I just picked up a launch PS3 60GB with a bad blu-ray drive (seems like a common problem with the lasers going bad). Is there any tips to avoiding YLOD? Has anyone reapplied thermal paste? Just blow it out? Obviously, I'm dealing with a space heater 90nm cell chip, and I'm trying to get a...
  29. kirbyrj

    RMA or no?

    I just picked up a set of Patriot Viper DDR4 3000 (2x4GB) PE00412-PV48G300C6K memory over black friday for use in a secondary Ryzen system. I'm testing it with a 2700 (non-x) and an ASRock X470 board. Set XMP (1.35V 16-18-18-36) and it fails various memtests (Memtest 86 V8.0 booting from USB...
  30. kirbyrj

    Zotac REFURB - 1060 3GB - $98, 1060 6GB - $119, AMP - $126 + Tax/Ship

    ALL DO NOT INCLUDE TAX AND SHIPPING 1060 3GB Mini - $98 1060 6GB Mini - $119 1060 AMP - $126...
  31. kirbyrj

    Nvidia driver install problem - 416.94 I really need to install GeForce Experience in order to install this driver? Build 1809 on a fresh install BTW...
  32. kirbyrj

    Supermicro CPU support

    Am I missing something or is Supermicro not very forthcoming about specifically which processors you can put in their boards? Case in point: I have a C7Z170-M board I got in a trade with a guy. I'm looking to use it with a G4560 Pentium as an office machine. All their website says is that...
  33. kirbyrj

    2200G Memory Controller

    I have 4 sticks of Flare X 3200Mhz memory. I was running all 4 at 3200mhz with my 1700. I swapped in a 2200G, and it refuses to boot with 4 sticks at 3200mhz. If I drop it to problems. If I take 2 sticks out, no problems. Is this normal? Kind of reminds me of the old Athlon64...
  34. kirbyrj

    Steam account hack attempt

    I got an e-mail today saying that somebody had my username and password for Steam and was trying to login from Russia. It sent me the email with the code to log in from a new device. I promptly went into steam and changed my password. Anyone else have issues like this recently?
  35. kirbyrj

    NE: Intel 7800X - $310 Kind of makes you wonder why you'd overpay to go Coffee Lake.
  36. kirbyrj

    NE: Gigabyte Aorus X299 Gaming 3 + Rosewill Meteor TG Case + Rosewill 650W PSU - $170 AR Seems like a pretty decent deal. $60 rebates. Add combo to cart and you get the PSU as added gift with the case. Rebate on PSU good through 11/19/17.
  37. kirbyrj

    Anandtech: z270 will not support CFL Another money grab by Intel.
  38. kirbyrj

    MyDigitalSSD BPX NVMe Driver?

    Is there a NVMe driver for this drive or should I just use the regular Microsoft standard NVMe driver? I haven't come across one looking around their website. I only ask because I know the Samsung drives run a little faster with the Samsung driver.
  39. kirbyrj

    Download Limit Exceeded - Samsung NVMe Driver

    Just popped in a 960 Evo to replace my 850 Evo. I never used NVMe before, but I read that the Samsung drivers give the best performance. Not too hard to find on their site, but when I try to download the driver it gives me this error...
  40. kirbyrj

    Plex Server CPU - FX8300 or i7-2600k ?

    Right now I have a MB/CPU combo of both of these sitting around. Which one do you think would be better for a plex server? It will occasionally transcode multiple streams simultaneously (2-3). Right now I have the FX 8300, but I'm swapping out my main rig shortly, and will have the 2600k...