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    8 port Non-RAID card suggestions?

    Hey guys, I am speccing out a build for a media ripper machine and need an extra 8 ports just for the optical drives. I don't need RAID, I just need full "ATAPI" compatibility and a cheap price. For background, here's a rough sketchout of my build: CPU: i7 4765T MB: BOXDH87RL RAM...
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    Cisco Conf help needed

    Hey guys, I've been on here for awhile but my Cisco is a little rusty and I'm having some issues setting up my offices dirty broadband network. We've got business class broadband coming into a Cox owned Cisco DPC3010. Everything after that is repurposed cisco equipment I was handed and told to...
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    HighPoint PCIe 16x /w 32 Ports (19,200MB/s)

    Source Great, now who's going to pick one of these up along with 32 Vertex 3's and give us some pretty benchmarks to drool over? I was wondering which company would be the one to break into x16 RAID cards, I had my money on LSI actually.
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    RAM Disk temp folder setup compilation (HELP!)

    Alright guys, here's the plan behind this thread. I am in the process of putting together a How-To guide for dumping as much uneeded/temp files as possible onto a RAM Disk. I need to get simple, clear-cut instructions to setup as many of these folders (plus whatever others) to save to a RAM...