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  1. Aircoookie

    Gigabyte H77-D3H boot loop

    Hello guys, after 3 years it appears that my old 2nd system has suddenly stopped working. When I turn it on, the fans will spin on for 5 seconds, no display out , then the system turns off again. It then automatically restarts 2 seconds later and this continues onwards. Every other time it will...
  2. Aircoookie

    Which Pascal card will you buy? [Poll]

    Just a quick thread to discuss buying preferences regarding the new cards. I'll be getting MSI Gaming or Asus Strix 1080/1070 most likely, depending on the final price...
  3. Aircoookie

    Mini-STX: A new form factor

    Apparently, AsRock released a new motherboard form factor smaller than ITX on CES. It's called Mini-STX, is around 14x14cm large and supports the Skylake 1151 socket and two M.2 slots for storage. They will also offer a ~2L case for it. PSU is meant to be external. What do you think about this...