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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    I have system with a ASRock H97M Pro4 board that suddenly stopped working. When I attempt to boot, the power turns on, but there is no VGA output, no HD activity LED, only some USB peripherals get power. I checked all the connectors, CMOS battery, and cleared CMOS. I connected a speaker to the...
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    System Tries to Access Bitlocker Protected Drive During AMD Driver Install

    I recently got a used AMD card. I noticed during the install of the Radeon Adrenalin software the system tries to access my bit locker protected drive. I did not like the Adrenalin software and I installed only the driver through device manager. Same thing happened. The system tried to access a...
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    Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?

    It's been a few years since I installed Windows. The option to create a local account was gone. I had to turn off my internet in order to create a local account. Why doesn't Microsoft want people to create local accounts?
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    Quietest Mechanical Drives

    I have a WD Black drive from 2009 that I use for file storage, and it's the loudest component in my system. The drive works great, but I can hear a little bit of high pitch whine from it after moving to a case that has a lot of mesh. Would a more recent mechanical drive be much more quieter...
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    What timings would CL16 3200 mhz RAM run on a B460 board?

    If I used CL16 3200 mhz ram on a B460 mobo, what timings would the board select if I wanted to run at 2666 mhz? For example if the ram has XMP of 16-18-18-36 at 3200 mhz, and SPD of 15-15-15-36 at 2133 mhz. How does the motherboard select the timing at 2666 mhz?
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    Seasonic Focus GM-550 vs Corsair TX550M

    Which one of these power supplies do you think are superior? I had great experience with Corsair made by Channel Well, however for the TX550M they switched to Great Wall, and from the reviews it seems to have a high failure rate for a premium PSU. For Seasonic I had bad experiences with coil...