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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    It doesn't make sense that BJ's father is an American bigot. Since his Polish name is not Americanized to Blaskovich, it's most likely he would be a first or second generation immigrant. It's likely he would also face racism himself. In the early 20th century immigrants from Poland or Italy...
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    What's a good therman grease? Are thermal pads any good?

    Thermal pads are nice if you're swapping coolers/CPUs a lot.
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    Blizzard/Activation being hit by the Perfect Storm. Will they survive?

    Have you ever heard of toxic masculinity? Yes, toxicity in general could potentially come from any gender, but there is a very common type of toxicity in society that comes from the male gender only. Also, suggesting that the victims are to blame for this is just sick. One of the employees...
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    ION Fury

    Taiwanese game Devotion had a joke making fun of The People's Leader. Steam pulled the game from sale. The devs removed the joke from the game. Even after the joke was removed both Steam and GOG refused to sell the game. GOG was initially going to do it, but received backlash from Chinese...
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    ION Fury

    I still don't know what was actually changed if anything. If they removed some poor taste homophobic jokes it's probably for the better.
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    ION Fury

    Was thinking about picking this up, but playing old shooters like Doom or Outlaws nowadays gives me motion sickness. Wondering if I would get it with a retro shooter as well.
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    AMD AGESA ComboV2

    Is it worth installing these updates if you're on Zen 2?
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    Crackling/whirring noise from SSD?

    This is super common in laptops and there is nothing you can do. Asus has an explanation of what causes the noise. You could maybe lock the CPU frequency to see if it goes away, which isn't really practical.
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    Steam Hardware Surveys - are they accurate?

    I'd be surprised if the Chinese version isn't a completely separate ecosystem.
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    Aren't the bundles meant to discourage scalping?
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    Power Supply Blew Up - Testing Configuration for Damage?

    Did you RMA the PSU? The refurbished units Seasonic sends are better than brand new out of the box. If you get it replaced through a retail store the PSU will have the same flaws. I had a Seasonic that failed after about a year, and it also had coil whine from new. The replacement works...
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    mobo for i5-11400 vr rig

    Love these videos. Very interesting to see how low end boards perform with high end CPUs.
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    I am not sure if I want one or I should wait for Intel. I don't even care if the performance is bad, I want to be a part of GPU history, and have an AMD CPU with an Intel GPU.
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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    Thanks for the replies. I may try it outside the case. How can the board short itself if the PC is not being moved or tinkered with? Corrosion?
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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    I have system with a ASRock H97M Pro4 board that suddenly stopped working. When I attempt to boot, the power turns on, but there is no VGA output, no HD activity LED, only some USB peripherals get power. I checked all the connectors, CMOS battery, and cleared CMOS. I connected a speaker to the...
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    Do you use m.2 heatsinks supplied with motherboards?

    Mine is just a slab of metal with pads. Idle temp is 5C lower. If the slab has decent thickness it will work. If it's just a thin piece of metal it won't do much.
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    Is using 10-years old power supplies a concern?

    If it's old group regulated PSU I would avoid using it on a modern system. They don't support low power states, and tend to have high ripple at high loads. I don't see how a surge protector could save your system from a bad PSU. Surge protector is supposed to protect you from bad input, not bad...
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    GT 1030 overclocking

    After messing around with the card some more, I found overclocking the vcore has made the performance worse in some titles that stress the card 100%. Overclocking the vcore mades the card go into the vRel performance cap mode more easily, and once you hit vRel it runs like a slideshow. I only...
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    System Tries to Access Bitlocker Protected Drive During AMD Driver Install

    I recently got a used AMD card. I noticed during the install of the Radeon Adrenalin software the system tries to access my bit locker protected drive. I did not like the Adrenalin software and I installed only the driver through device manager. Same thing happened. The system tried to access a...
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    Who needs more than 550 Watts really

    I was just letting the other guy know the sucks thing was just a joke and I'm also using 550W. Not sure why you need to make so many posts shitting on other people's choices.
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    Who needs more than 550 Watts really

    I'm using a 550W as well for the reasons mentioned. I'm not dropping $1000 on a CPU or GPU that will pull big wattage, so I already know how much I will need in the future. I don't think affordable hardware will get too power hungry as well since manufacturers are also under the pressure to be...
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    Who needs more than 550 Watts really

    Thays why we are no longer using a 300W PSU with a strong 5V rail from Pentium 3 days. Meanwhile PSUs haven't changed much in the last 10 years. Doesn't really matter though since anything that can be powered by 500W sucks.
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    Who needs more than 550 Watts really

    You do know how much you will need in the future because power consumption is related to how much you are willing to spend on the hobby. If you know you will never spend big bucks on high end high wattage hardware, then you know you don't need a PSU to match it. If there is a chance you will...
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    Inexpensive, simple, full mechanical keyboard?

    There was a couple different version of the QF and not all of them were Costar. I remember seeing a disassembly video and they were almost identical inside to Filco. I want to switch from Blue to Red and I'd love to be able to buy another one. The sound of blues is finally starting to annoy me.
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    Nvidia bringing the 1050 ti back from the dead to meet demand

    What about a non-alienware Dell like a G5 or XPS? There is always a bit of a premium on Alienware.
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    GT 1030 overclocking

    I bought the GT 1030 for my Phenom II a few years ago and planned on getting a proper GPU when I upgrade the entire PC. Last year I did that but you can no longer get GPUs. Some people were saying the card will melt when you overclock it. I found there is no difference in temperature because...
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    Inexpensive, simple, full mechanical keyboard?

    Filco looks nice but it's overpriced. The original Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid is almost identical (made by the same OEM), but it was like 2/3rds of the price of a Filco. It was unfortunately discontinued. Ducky is a bit better value than Filco as well. It's interesting that backlit keyboards...
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    GT 1030 overclocking

    GT 1030 overclocking more relevant than ever though. "Just buy a 1050" isn't really an option right now.
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    GT 1030 overclocking

    How high were you able to overclock your GT 1030s? I am at 1773 mhz boost and 7000 mhz memory. I will try to push it further tomorrow.
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    It was the first 3dfx card to do that. Other companies did it years before.
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    Motherboard for AM2/AM3/AM3+ build - 2010 PC experiment

    I did my research and bought an Athlon II x250. It easily beat the equivalent Intel E5200. AMD didn't have an answer to the i7 but their low end and mid range CPUs were solid. Phenom II was a bit stronger offering than Phenom and Bulldozer though. I'd love to have a FX-9590 system. I think...
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    Micro stutter/short freezes when I play games on my HDD HGST Travelstar 7K1000

    Maybe in those indie titles it doesn't access it often enough? Of course you can easily buy your way out of this problem.
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    I had a Kyro 2 back in the day. It was a very unique chip. However, Hercules quality was crap. Mine failed very quickly and started artifacting. The replacement did the same.
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    Geforce 2 MX It brought T&L to the masses.
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    New mini build, need suggestions

    Corsair CV is scraping the bottom of the PSU barrel. It's a group regulated PSU meaning 12V and 5V rails are not independently regulated. It's not a good choice for modern systems where the 12V rail is almost turned off in low power states. That's why CV is not "Haswell ready". If you want...
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    These shoes are an RTX 3080-powered PC

    It would be more impressive if it was an actual pc.
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    Micro stutter/short freezes when I play games on my HDD HGST Travelstar 7K1000

    In the power options there is a setting turn off hard disk after x minutes. Maybe try disabling that.
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    New mini build, need suggestions

    Even for B460 builds 3200 CL16 is the best choice. Running it at 2666 you should be able to go down to CL14. 3200 CL16 is the cheapest right now. 2666 native ram has crap timings. I agree that the PSU is too big.
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Taco is just trolling you guys. You can tell he's not serious because he's not speaking in 3rd person.