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    Love Lace no time soon

    Do you think with what is going on they will still launch it in 2022? I Mean I don't see this letting at all in 2021 as we are soon 3 months into this year. I Think they might delay it unless AMD pushes but why would they? People will still be looking for cards a year from now. I just want the...
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    Thanks Elon you screwed us

    Tesla announced in an SEC filing Monday that it has bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. 2020 will never end. I will not be able to get rid of this 2080 for octane render till 2022 it seems.
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    Why is my under volt not working?

    I have the newest Ryzen master and a 3900x. I set profile 1 to all core of 3.5 and Vcore to 1.25 click save and run cinebench r23 newest and the temps are very high. still in the 90+ range which is what it was before. I have never done this so if there is a good video of how to do this please...
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    I think I am screwed

    I think i am fucked. I have a 2080 i upgraded my drivers to the newest studio drivers so i could run octane render but now I am getting error AA on a x570 aorus master. I have the hdmi hooked up to my 65 inch samsung tv and the drivers on the tv are up to date. The card will not work with any...
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    3900X Dan A4

    I am posting here as I think it will get more views and not SFF forum. Seems like its dead. I am a 3d rendering individual. I do 99% on my 2080. I do use the cpu only if I am doing hand brake encoding which is not often. I just bought a 750x sfx and a Rog strix X570 I gaming. My memory is...
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    The future

    Do you think the gpu will go the same route as the cpu did.? They started with 2x dies then over 3 years went up to 8 dies. Do you think we with see the same growth over 4 years when they do land? I do 3d render work so I would hope they do not milk it with 2x dies then 2 years later 4x dies...
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    Nvidia never to return to TSMC?

    With all the talk of tsmc not wanting to work with nvidia you think they will ever be able to go back? I am locked to nvidia because 3d render programs do not yet support amd.
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    GPU Chiplets

    I think with the US money printer going BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Inflation kicking in every year as food and everything else just keeps going up in price i think we are going to see prices stay the same or go up. I also think we are going to see Thread Ripper prices for GPU cards as well in the...
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    PCI-E lanes

    If a motherboard supports 3x m.2 SSD drives is each SSD drive taking up PCI-E lanes? I Have googled but want a direct answer from people on H. Also If you have that lets you run up to 4x m.2 on one PCI-E card does that...
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    Hopper in 1 year and not 2? I am not sure about the credibility so i wanted to know if you guys heard anything? Do you guys think the 3xxx Series will be...
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    100% Fans all the time?

    So I am rolling hard in Octane render with a single 2080 super founder's with a open side panel. I loaded up Evga X1 software to see the temps and saw that the fans were only going at 41% and i changed the setting to go full bore 100%. Now I do work off shore some times 28 days out 14 days off...
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    After 64 Cores?

    After trying out GPU 3d rendering I am finding that it is still garbage. So I am really looking forward to the 64 core TR. My question is when they drop down yet another node to say 5 or 3 are we just going to see more cores or are they going to do something different? What is the cut off as far...
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    Performance % lost on air vs WC

    On average what do you think the performance lost is on air vs WC? I am getting into Red shift 3d and Keyshot hard now that Gpu rendering is getting fast. I googled but could not really fine a answer. With the new cards coming and being so powerful wanted to know if i should stick to blower type...
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    3900x with 360 Aio 81 degrees?

    So I got a 3900x running in a maingear case with the side panels off and i get 81.5 degrees in Hwin64 latest update. Now I am pounding the shit out of it with Keyshot but this does not seem right at all. see pics: and let me add that this prorcessor is Fast as hell. 1800X<3900X holy crap...
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    2080 will not see the Qled 65inch Tv

    So, I had a old ass AMD card that saw the Tv just fine but now that i updated my video card to a 2080 Nvidia card i get nothing. I have expensive Hdmi cables I have tried connecting to all 4 ports on the 2018 one connect box tried all the display ports with my expensive display port 1.4 to hdmi...
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    Killed my computer walked walked out with a 3900x

    So, I have a 1800x with Pc 2100 ram running on a old ass x370 mini itx. My Keyshot rendering takes a long time I know I have a slim cooler and it under clocks it self to 2.70Ghz and hits 75 degrees in ryzen master. So i went to buy a AIO 360 from Frys get home transfer everything over from my...
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    Pci 4.0 limited on Current Boards?

    Am I to guess that the next gen Pci E cards from Nvidia are going to be 4.0? I am trying to plan out a build around Octane Render that would use 1x 16 and 1x 8 as tests of showed no difference. How ever If I was to get 2x 4.0 cards and plug them in to Pci 3.0 I am going to guess that I would...
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    Power drop of 7nm?

    I live in a old house and some times my step dad likes to run his heater and if i run mine as well it trips the breaker. I never run it now. How ever I was wondering what do you think the power drop will be when Nvidia drops down to the next node? 20% or more? I would love to run 2 or 3 video...
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    My X370+3950?

    I have a: Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac If you go to support you see: AM4 Ryzen 9 3900X(100-000000023) 105W Matisse 3.8GHz 6MB B0 P5.70 Does this mean I can buy a 3950x with no problems since the 12 core part works? I am not over...
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    1800X To TR32

    Hey guys. I am on a Air cooled 1800x with Pc 2100 ram. I was going to get one of these new Processors but it does not make any sense for me at this time. I do work in Substance designer/player with 8k Textures and Key shot rendering and it just fucking kills me. If you are not over clocking...
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    Virtual machine software

    I have a spar Win 10 key and want to set up a VM inside my main Win 10 OS to do all of my internet browsing and downloading. and keep my main OS to just downloading updates. I have no idea what VM software to use on windows. Can any one make suggestions?
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    Cooler Master Thermoelectric Liquid Cooler

    I guess this was just another vaporware product or has anyone heard anything about these? I could use this as i can take a mini PC with me offshore and run power free. Oh well.
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    3M Novec 7100 corrosive?

    Edit. found the answer.
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    5nm what can we expect?

    I thought we would see 5nm cpu in 2022 but after reading up on it people (internet) seem to think it could be 2021. Is that really the case? Are we really moving that fast? If 7nm is bring 64 Eypc cores would 5nm bring 128 Epyc cores? Just wondering what we can expect in the next 5 years.
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    TR 2 32 core and HDPLEX

    Can you run a TR with water cooling off of 3x HDplex? I was going to build a really small box that i can take with me offshore but size and weight is the problem. Can you Run 3x hdplex and how would you go about linking them?
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    TR 3 32 or 48?

    Rumor mill says 48 Cores but I think this shit is moving way to fast. I love that btw. So do you think they are going to stick to 32 for a while or bump it up again? Also, if the TDP is 250 watts now what does 7nm do for power requirements? 230 watts? If it is 48 cores does that mean the TDP...
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    After 22 core?

    I know the 22 core will fit on the mini itx but do we have any news on what is after that but can still fit on a mini itx platform? Also will the cpu have better thermal paste
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    after 32 cores?

    I work offshore and will be building a small 32 core box that I can run 24/7 for free but I want more. I'm greedy. What's after 32 cores? Rumors? More cores on a TR chip?
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    Case for HDPLEX 400W

    I work offshore and would like to take my 1800x Amd computer with me. I see some cases for sell but I do not know if any of the cases fit a hdplex 400w. I will be running keyshot for 28 days at a time rendering. would you use a hd plex or should i go for a sliver stone case that is a little...
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    laptop motherboard 3d rendering?

    I am toying with the idea of buying a core i7 motherboard/processor for about $850 and building a very thin plexiglass case for it. I do not know if I could then plug a keyboard and a hdmi from that to my macbook pro to start a rendering que in key shot then un plug the keyboard and just let it...
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    Dual STR4 cpu?

    Some one in the Keyshot forums said that Supermicro had or is going to have dual TR motherboards. I looked for information on this via google and nothing. I thought you could not have dual thread rippers or that company's did not want to blow R&D money on it. Was i wrong? Edit He is retarded...
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    How much will Epyc push Xeon Prices down?

    After my problems with my Ryzen build I have no desire to ever own any amd product again. So i was wondering how much if any do you think it will push Xeon prices down? 10% maybe 15% in a year or none at all?
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    Ryzen build gone to shit

    Can someone direct link me to memory that works with my new computer build? When I bought that memory it was on the list so I am not sure what to do. Did i just get shitty ram or am I doing some thing wrong with...
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    Many blue screens with in seconds with Ryzen

    Radeon Pro Wx 5100 8gb Gddr5 Video card Asrock Fatality Gaming X370 ITX motherboard Ryzen 1800x Cpu Samsung 960 Evo 500gb G.skill Fortis Series 32GB DDR4 2133(PC4 17000) X370/B350/A320 Model F4-2133C15D-32GFT When running hand brake I have gotten the following errors today *Critical process...
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    Problem with new Asrock Itx

    I have my new computer X370 ITX Motherboard and i do not understand the manual. Were does the Power led- Power led+ power Sw Reset Sw H.d.d. led go? For that matter I have A corseair 250D and the front fan and the side fan have 3 pin connecters but i do not see any 3 pins on the board so I...
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    6 years later a upgrade. Questions:

    ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming X370 EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 Full size ATX AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Samsung 960 EVO M.2 500GB NVMe PCI-Express 3.0 G.Skill Fortis Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2133 Model F4-2133C15D-32GFT Corsair Obsidian Series Mini-ITX Computer Case ATX (not included) Power...
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    Been out of the Pc game for 5+ years need help

    Working on a old Laptop Dell M4700. Cinebench score is like 623. Computer will be used for Keyshot real time cpu rendering and other minor 3d work in zbrush. No over clocking what so ever my final keyshot renderings will render during the 21 days i work offshore. I picked a work station card as...
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    Quad Socket Older E5?

    Never built a system with more then 1 cpu. System will be used for a Keyshot work flow. Keyshot only uses Cpu cores. Motherboard-Supermicro X9QRI-F Cpu-Xeon E5-2660 v2 Ivy Bridge-EP The mother board says supports E5 4600 class so I am not sure these 2 match up but the cpu i picked is E5...
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    picture folder crashes the hard drive

    I copyed my pictures folder from my ssd drive to a external usb 3.0 drive and now when i click on one of the folders it will crash the whole drive. I do have folders and then sub folders and so on. I think the total size is around. 100gb of jpeg images. I want to know if i should put them on a...
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    Reset win 8.0 193 of 237 on ssd?

    I reset win 8.0 today for the first time. I have a 256GB SSD Nothing installed yet and it says I have 193GB free of the 237GB available. I have opened up all the settings to let me see a windows.old but I can not seem to find windows.old I seem to remember something about having 32gb of ram...