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    W-ISP for Baltimore area

    Your suggestion was very helpful. I looked for Ubiquiti providers for that area and contacted a company called Port Networks which I discovered already services a number of other businesses in that area. The guy said he doesn't use Ubiquiti for corporate locations. But it's something else...
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    W-ISP for Baltimore area

    One of our offices in Baltimore has a problem with stable internet. This location is in an industrial area and the only option which they currently have is Verizon dsl. But the copper lines in the area suck and even the T1 lines they have there are not stable. Plus they are at the end of the...
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    Deleted account but kept files, folder disappeared, Windows 7

    This program is awesome. It will show you what it can recover for free but you'll have to buy it to get your files back. I think it's $30 for single user. I've used it to completely recover deleted profiles and associated files...
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    Spy hardware detection

    I suppose I could maybe consider this a legitimate question if the OP lived in Russia or China....... yeah, right. :p
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    U-Verse ATT vs DSL Copper ATT..Question

    The deal with Uverse is it's a fiber line which runs to a box somewhere in your neighborhood. From there to your residence is still a copper line. The good news is once you're on Uverse you should be able to upgrade speeds to 12, 18 or more Mb. As mentioned you're not going to see any difference...
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    Three Amazing GameWorks Moments You’ll See In Warface

    WTF who doesn't like seeing more effects in games? Nothing wrong with adding more eye candy as far as I'm concerned. I enjoy seeing PhysX enabled content in games.
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    Newest Steam update

    You are correct sir. :cool:
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    Newest Steam update

    Been playing Skyrim for quite a while and was always annoyed with the long load time. I even looked into the issue and could not find a working answer. New Steam update today and Skyrim loaded damn near instantly. :cool:
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    what could be worse than heartbleed?

    For you Cisco users, here's a long list of affected products. Sonicwalls are not affected by this and actually have an IPS signature to detect and block it.
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    VOIP over VPN question

    I have 2 locations in which a VOIP system is shared through a vpn tunnel. I advised them originally that it would not be my recommendation but they ignored that and asked me to set it up anyway. It actually seems to work fine and I'd say the 2 things needed to make it work is decent bandwidth at...
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    Almost 70% Of IT Professionals Suffer Weekly Phishing Attacks

    Count me in as the other 30% but I have a many layered approach to prevent it. A very good AV program on all systems. A SPI firewall with content filtering, gateway av, IPS, Antispyware and application control. I also block in and out access to a hand full of countries including Russia and...
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    Microsoft Reissues Flawed Windows Security Update With New Flaws

    Disregard that. Looks like my WSUS system did not pull the original patch. Microsoft must have pulled the patch before my system did a sync. Installed on my 32 bit win 7 pc, no issues. I guess we'll see how the rest goes
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    Microsoft Reissues Flawed Windows Security Update With New Flaws

    Just installed on top of the previous update which I also had no problems with. Did not uninstall previous patch as recommended. System seem fine. Win 7 32 bit. I guess I'll see what happens with all the other pc's. None had a problem with the previous patch.
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    Routing issue

    Which might explain your delays depending on the configuration of them. Or the HP device is still pointing to hardware that's been removed from the network.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    I really don't see a problem using a web interface since an administrator login should be required to modify anything in a switch, provided that was setup in the device in the first place.
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    Vista log in problem

    run a chkdsk /r now to try and salvage what you can
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    HW Firewall for home

    Sonicwalls have an add on package called Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) which includes Gateway AV, IPS, Content filtering, Anti spyware, application control and technical support. There is an annual renewal fee around $200 depending on the model. Be sure the unit you are interested...
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    The "Cloud"

    I just ripped a massive cloud and now asking everyone that walks by if they smell something burning. :cool:
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    Windows Server licensing requirements for terminal server?

    Correct. Technically it isn't called terminal server any more. It's called Remote Desktop server. RDS licensing is different from the client licensing that comes with the OS. You'll need to purchase a RDS client license.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    I went to cdw and the cheapest Juniper switch I saw there was $700. Thanks for the update. I'll keep an eye out and maybe check one out someday.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    I decided to check out these Junipers everyone is talking about. From what I see they're pricey and you can get something else to do the job for a lot less money. I'm not into Cisco but even they are more modestly priced and would go that route if I ever decided to drop Procurve.
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    Can't argue with you on that. I just bought a couple new Procurve's and actually the web interface didn't require java anymore. I was quite happy to see that. Many years ago the interface was awful. Don't know if anyone remembers a program called ClearVisn along with java which was required to...
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    Not looking to debate, just comment. HP switches are descendant of the old DIGITAL network hardware line. One of the few things HP hasn't tampered with and screwed up. Cue network pron....a hat I still keep on my shelf.
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    blank screen with mouse arrow - virus

    Pull the hard drive and put it in another machine. Copy all your stuff, put the drive back in the infected pc and wipe, re-install.
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    John Romero's New Shooter Plans

    This guy has started countless projects since Daikaitana and the only thing he's completed is one or two cell phone games. I wouldn't trust anything this guy says or does.
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    Microsoft Kills Windows 8.1 Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

    Pretty obvious Microsoft is abandoning the Windows 8 ship just as they did with Vista. It's been widely rumored and consider this a big confirmation. I'd be willing to bet that many upcoming features that were originally promised will never arrive. My guess is that this Tuesday will mark the...
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    Who, besides Cisco, for enterprise access switches?

    HP Procurve - been a proven, reliable enterprise level switch for a long time. Been using them for 20 years and never had one fail. (knock wood)
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    My hotmail got hacked. Well maybe not. Not sure?

    If you logged into the account and changed the password, then that's all that really matters and you should be ok. Only thing they use a hacked email account for is to send spam or malware. If you use the same password on other online accounts you'll want to change those passwords as well.
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    AOL Raises Prices On Remaining 2.3M Subscribers

    aol users deserve whatever the company wants to throw at them.
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    Russian Gang Amasses Over A Billion Internet Passwords

    I've come to the conclusion that if you want to stay on top of this ongoing situation, you'll want to begin a policy of changing your passwords every 30 days on any account you have online. :mad:
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    Ha! Ha! The old freezer trick worked!

    Why not try if the drive is already dead? For the record I came into work today and the drive is dead again. But I got everything I needed off it so all is good.
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    Ha! Ha! The old freezer trick worked!

    Well I haven't had it work very often but I revived a completely dead WD Sata drive by leaving it in the freezer for a few hours. It was completely dead. Unrecognized in bios on 3 different machines. I didn't even feel it spinning. Wrapped in plastic, freeze for around 3 hours. Plug it back in...
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    Need Av for Mac

    Although a valid question by the OP to the topic, I would agree unless he/she wants more comments like QJ's.
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    Taking a while to "get internet" after a boot.

    I've seen this happen on laptops that have a shitload of wireless connections in their inventory. If this applies to you then clear out unneeded wireless connections. Or try disabling the wireless and see what happens.
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    Becoming a Computer Security Analyst Highly respected and well known security experts.
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    A Virus Related Problem BUT Person Has Encrypted HDD? Not cryptolocker!

    Can you pull the hard drive and try copying data to another drive as a backup?
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    Looking for sci-fi RPG with sense of exploration and mystery

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR)
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    What to do with 90+GB Outlook OST ?

    It's your responsibility as an I.T. manager to take control of this issue. Users are ignorant of the purpose for archiving and it's a simple matter to archive outlook files. The archive folder is a simple click away shown below the primary outlook file. When an archive gets too large unload it...
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    recommended routers that would block torrents

    Sonicwall TZ105 makes it easy. Place a check mark in a box to block torrents and you're done. Note there is an annual renewal cost for security services. CGSS (comprehensive gateway security suite) includes all of it. Content filtering, IPS, Anti spyware, Gateway AV, application control and...