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    Barrow 12 mm fittings with Bitspower 10 mm ID x 12 mm OD compatibility

    Hey guys, quick question for anyone with experience with barrow fittings. Would there be any compatibility issues with using the 10mm ID 12 mm OD petg tubing from Bitspower with barrow fittings. The reason I ask is it seems Barrow petg tubing only comes in 8 mm ID x 12 mm OD. Thanks in advance!
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    Slim fan <15 mm thick compilation

    Hey all, its been a while. It's getting close to rebuilding time, and I have been looking into slim fans to fit in our beloved sff systems. I am mostly interested in the highest static pressure, but I compiled a list of all of the slim fans I know of with the company listed specs and thought you...
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    Two 240 Rad Ncase M1 V2

    Hey guys, sorry for another Ncase M1 build... seemed like there was some interest in seeing the M1 with two 240 rads in it though. Ill do the generic "what's in there" list then, pictures! Computer: - 4790K OC at 4.8GHz - EVGA GTX 780 SC - 16GB Trident X 2800MHz - 256 GB 840 pro SSD -...
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    Ncase M1: H100i or H105?

    Hey guys first post here. Just ordered a M1 and started buying parts, super excited! Anyways, my question is, for those of you who have tried both, what AOI liquid cooler between the H100i and H105 was better in your case? I am very concerned about airflow as I have a MSI gtx 770 twin frozr...