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    W-ISP for Baltimore area

    One of our offices in Baltimore has a problem with stable internet. This location is in an industrial area and the only option which they currently have is Verizon dsl. But the copper lines in the area suck and even the T1 lines they have there are not stable. Plus they are at the end of the...
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    Newest Steam update

    Been playing Skyrim for quite a while and was always annoyed with the long load time. I even looked into the issue and could not find a working answer. New Steam update today and Skyrim loaded damn near instantly. :cool:
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    Ha! Ha! The old freezer trick worked!

    Well I haven't had it work very often but I revived a completely dead WD Sata drive by leaving it in the freezer for a few hours. It was completely dead. Unrecognized in bios on 3 different machines. I didn't even feel it spinning. Wrapped in plastic, freeze for around 3 hours. Plug it back in...
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    Options to replace 2003 terminal server

    Considering setting up 2008r2 remote desktop server to replace our 2003 terminal server. Already have the server and OS which is why I'm not looking at a newer Microsoft OS. Wondering what other options are out there. Perhaps something better with less hassle. Meh, call me lazy.
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    Your cable modem may be used as a hotspot

    A bad trend appears to be catching on in which cable companies are setting up their cable modems to be used as wifi hotspots. Your cable modem could be a hotspot for outsiders. They claim it's secure and will not affect your speed and can be disabled. But folks need to be aware of this. Comcast...
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    Sonicwall - IPS for heartbeat

    Don't know how long ago they added this, but Sonicwall has added IPS detection/blocking for heartbeat. There are 3 categories under IPS in the INFO category. Look for "open ssl heartbeat".
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    Anyone using Hughesnet wireless?

    We have an office in an industrial location with no good solutions for internet availability. We got a quote from Hughesnet dish. Anyone use it? Reliable?
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    Seeking scan and organize software

    Seeking recommendations for some sort of scanning software that allows you to organize easily. Used for a business to scan and archive paperwork for storage reference purposes.
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    Question for Team Viewer users

    It appears the remote print function only works on a printer connected to the pc. The documentation states that you should be able to print to a network printer but we've tried on 3 different machines and nothing comes out when trying to print to a network printer. I have upgraded to version 9...
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    Unix server managers, read up

    Massive botnet discovered on Unix servers. Link gives instructions on how to check your servers.
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    FYI - AT&T scrapping dsl

    Incoming rant...... So the company I work for has 6 - 8 locations with AT&T business class dsl with static IP assignments. We've now had 2 locations which suddenly stopped communication with the internet and vpn tunnel going down. AT&T is taking it upon themselves to change business class...
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    HP Pavilion stuck at bios screen

    Someone brought their personal computer in today and when you turn it on the bios screen with the HP splash display loads and stops there. Won't do anything else. I've tried USB and PS2 keyboard on it, but it doesn't respond to anything. Any clues? HP Pavilion P6243w
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    Anyone try to fix a crack in a display?

    So I have a small crack in my display, about halfway up the middle of the screen. It's very thin and actually not visible when gaming. So it's more of a minor annoyance. I've looked into getting a replacement but I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried repairing a crack in a laptop screen? I'm...
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    IE 11 for Windows 7 is out.

    IE 11 now available for Windows 7 users. Go to and you'll be offered the update. Not a big fan of IE but it appears to run a heck of a lot better. Too early to tell about web site compatibility issues. Yeah I know IE is not an OS, but Windows 7 is.
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    AT&T support taking a dump

    I've known for years that AT&T will drag their feet getting things done when a third party vendor is involved but recently things have become downright hostile. Yesterday I had an outage at a location with business class DSL and the people I had to talk to seemed annoyed and did anything they...
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    iOS 7 is out

    I'll install it when I get home. Work pays for my phone so if it gets bricked it's no big deal. :cool:
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    Doesn't surprise me. I always hated it. In case you haven't heard Game For Windows Marketplace closes tomorrow. If you got points you better redeem or transfer them to Xbox Live. What does this mean for any games purchased through GFWL? Originally it was posted that you could still play games as...
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    Office 2013 and WSUS

    Anyone know the trick to getting Office 2013 clients to get updates from WSUS? WSUS shows there are no clients needing updates even though I have turned off automatic update of Office 2013 on the client machines. MS Technet article is not very helpful and figured someone here probably already...
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    Torchlight for free

    Original Torchlight for free on GOG for 48 hours.
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    New Eset support forum

    Eset is leaving Wilder's Security forum and has started their own forum. If you're a member of the old forum you might want to sign up to the new forum.
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    Is a valid subnet?

    I'm replacing an old firewall and when I was checking the settings I saw the subnet on the WAN is This seems strange to me. Internet works at that location but wondering if it should be 248.
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    Outlook 2013 attachment problem

    Unfortunately I setup a few users with the new Office 2013. This one fellow gets a series of automated reports in his email each day, all from the same sender/email address. Each email has an attachment with a .doc extension. For whatever reason the message in the email says the attachment is in...
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    New gaming laptop

    Ordered a new gaming laptop from Maingear and it arrived last Thursday. For your viewing pleasure Skyrim running ultra settings, smooth as butter on my 55" Panny Plasma. Chassis: Nomad 17 Performance Chassis with sound Included by DynAudio (Stereo sound with subwoofer) and...
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    IE 10 sucks just as bad as IE 9

    Checking out IE 10.....Anyone have fun trying to download and either open or save a file in IE 10? First off you don't even get a download progress screen. You don't know if it's downloading or not. Only after the download completes does an option pop up to open or save. It won't let you do...
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    FYI - Sonicwall CDP being discontinued

    Just got word from my Sonicwall rep that Dell is discontinuing the CDP network backup boxes. Dell will continue to honor all warranties and are currently discounting existing supply. Once they are gone, they are gone.
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    Anyone having problems with Verizon internet?

    I have 2 offices in Baltimore using business class dsl with static IP's. For 3 days the speed sucks. Upload speed is almost nil. Other office is down completely. Getting a lot of runaround from Verizon on this. It's obviously a network problem of theirs. Anyone else having issues?
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    So any admins installing java 7u11 notice...

    The new security warning dialogue box for java 7u11 looks pretty much like the fake av malware program warnings. This will be fun. :mad:
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    Original Duke Nukem 3D FREE

    The original Duke Nukem 3D is FREE on today.
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    Anyone using Sonicwall with 3g usb failover?

    I'm having a hard time finding which Verizon 3g usb phone cards that will work with a TZ105. If anyone has it working on a TZ105, let me know what usb phone card you're using and the phone provider. Sonicwall support is telling me there are no verizon cards that will work right now. I have my...
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    Beware KB2750841

    So I just installed the new windows updates on my test Windows 7 machine (domain network) and after reboot I kept getting a nag balloon at the bottom right toolbar over the network access icon saying "Additional log on info may be required, click to open your browser." The balloon pops up...
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    IE patch is out

    I know for all you I.T. guys it's Friday afternoon. But I just pulled in the IE patch on WSUS. It's out if you feel lucky. I installed it on my machine but will have to wait and see if it screws anything up.
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    All the classic Interplay RPG's on sale

    GOG is featuring a sale on all the classic Interplay rpg's for the next week. Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape, etc. The ultimate classic rpg goodness for a bargain price.
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    FYI KB2647753

    An FYI, I downloaded todays windows updates to my wsus system then let my win 7 machine install the updates. KB2647753 is repeatedly being offered to my system despite it installing successfully 3 times. I've marked the update as "not approved" for now. It has to deal with printer issues on win...
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    WSUS and windows defender updates

    For the past week or so my WSUS server has been pulling around 3 windows defender updates every day and one or two of them are already shown as being superseded by another update. Before this started happening I normally saw one defender update released on Tuesday and Friday afternoons...
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    Don't like firefox 12

    Seems much buggier than just about any previous version I can recall. Websites often load at the middle of a page and you have to scroll up to the top. I've never seen a browser do that before. Scrolling bars are buggy at times. Spare me all the chrome praise.
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    Windows 7 multiple display issue

    So I'll have different programs running on different screens. I'll have several excel documents on screen 1 and outlook running on screen 2. If I move my mouse cursor down to the taskbar to highlight an open file on screen one, the outlook screen on monitor 2 will disappear and show the desktop...
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    Steam servers attempting to contact my DNS servers

    I'm kind of curious about something I've noticed for a while now. A couple months back I visited the steam website at work via web browser and even logged into my account. I have not installed the steam client, simply visited the web site a few times. After doing that I've noticed in my SPI...
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    Tribes Ascend now live

    Beta is done, now gold. Totally free to download and play. MMO - FPS Just register to play.
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    FYI - newegg phishing spam

    I just started seeing some phishing spam hitting our spam filter which looks like a newegg purchase confirmation. If you hover your mouse over the "my account" link you'll notice it redirects to a site which is not newegg. I figured forums members here might find this noteworthy.
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    Anyone else having problem with kb2597970?

    I'm getting an error when trying to install the recent MS Office 2007 patch kb2597970 on 2 of my servers. The patch installed fine on all client pc's but I have a 2003 terminal server and a 2008 server in which the patch won't install and gives an error code. Not finding anything online about...