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    Anyone recognizes this AIO?

    I can't figure which one it is.
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    Quest 2 original link cable back feeding power to PC. Anyone else experiencing this?

    So, this is odd...yesterday I forgot to disconnect my Quest 2 from the original USB Type C cable and noticed that my Mouse and my Blaster X3 had flickering lights as if they were receiving some power still even though my PC was off. I even unplugged the power cord and still the same..that REALLY...
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    Is this a bad setup ?

    Hello! Just wondering for someone considering mining, how bad is this? I assume if it was making good money, he wouldnt sell it..
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    Anyone else has Ryzen Master even though latest at AMD is

    Just wondering why AMD current version is older than mine. Was it may be pulled for a reason?
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    Looking for 4TB SSD for games...not NVME.

    Hello! So from tests, it seems most games load about the same speed from the SSD as they do from NVME with small differences and both much better than HDDs. So I figured I could get a 4TB SSD for a lower price than NVME to fill the one SATA port I still have available and move most of my slow...
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    How can I remove recent windows updates from CMD in recovery mode? Windows is booting to a black screen with pointer..nothing seems to help

    Hello! I am trying to help a friend 5000 miles away with her Asus laptop that is booting to a black screen with a pointer after a Windows update. Nothing is working so far...tried to bring up taskbar but nothing, tried Reset keeping her files, restore point, but it does not get the work done...
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    How does Oculus rendering resolution work with SteamVR rendering resolution for Quest 2?

    Hi! Just trying to figure out what to set SteamVR too for rendering resolution if I am doing like 1.5x in Oculus for Quest 2
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    What temp improvement should I expect going from 360mm AIO to a custom loop for 5950x?

    Just wondering, what would be a realistic expectation going from a 360mm AIO to a custom loop for my 5950x? Thanks
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    Evga 1000 g3 popped! Replacing with 1200w p2 or 1600w g2

    So this is so weird. My computer was giving me some issues booting yesterday like ntfs.sys page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. This started just yesterday and all I was doing was testing my radiator fans pull and push then running benchmarks. I thought it may be nvme or RAM related so yesterday I...
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    Problem with SteamVR and Quest 2 PClink..

    Hello! Anyone having issues with SteamVR? It used to be fine for me on my 9900k and Gigabyte mobo but now on the 5950x with Asus X570, if I try Skyrim it becomes a mess where the game is almost frozen barely letting me move the pointers to close it. No idea what is going on FalloutVR for...
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    Asus x570 Hero wifi shows 1.449 vcore in bios in Auto for 5950x...why?

    I am confused why the Bios shows such a high vCore with everyting Auto after restoring Defaults after installing the CPU. This is the lastest BIOS. In CPU-Z I see it drop more but sometimes I will see a spike to 1.44 again. Is this a bug or what is going on? First AMD build since Phenom II so I...
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    Any REAL benefit for 5950x to go from PC3200 C14 to PC3600 C14?

    I am new at AMD (last one was a Phenom II 965!) so just trying to figure out if moving to PC3600 C14 from my current PC3200 C14 will offer any real advantages or just for benchmarking. I do a lot of Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One. Also Premiere and VrGaming. Thanks!
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    Trying to understand NVME behavior and heatsink compatiblity of Asus x570 Hero

    Hello! So finally I get my 5950x tomorrow and I was wondering, I have to NVME...a Samsung 970 (non pro just regular) and an Inland. Both 1TB. I was going to install my OS on the 1TB as it currently is on my PC. I am also considering a SB-ROCKET-NVMe4-HTSK-2TB) to upgrade to 2TB. I was wondering...
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    Is this app good to restore programs into new Windows install (new hardware)?

    So I will be upgrading my PC next week which is great BUT having to reinstall so many programs is not as fun. I was wondering if anyone has used something like EaseUS Todo PCTrans to restore programs to a new installation. I mean, back in the day, in Android I loved how using Titanmuam back Up...
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    Any idea of best x570 mobo for 5950x as of right now?

    As I impatiently wait for a 5950x ..i have the Asus x570 hero wifi which i picked for my build thanks to it's 8 data portal lots of usb and 2.5gb nic BUT I was wondering how things are working with this board and 5950x for example vs any similar spec boards from other brands...mainly Gigabyte...
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    Worth upgrading from 970 EVO M.2 2280 to Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 ?

    Hello! So as I am moving from my 9900K to a 5950x with x570 mobo, I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade my OS drive to the Sabrent 4.0 version. I do have another NVME for Photoshop and Premiere cache so this OS NVME would be hosting the OS, and important apps like Photoshop...
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    Understanding AMD mobo and nvme behavior for my new 5950x mobo

    Hello! So I am moving from the 9900k to the 5950x and pretty much decided on the Asus x570 Formula (because of the 8 data ports, more USB ports, LED screen, and 5Gb non realtek NIC). I was wondering, if there is any restrictions on NMVE sharing lanes like with current intel stuff where you start...
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    Moving from i9900k to 5900x (or 5950x) first AMD build since Phenom ii !

    Well, I considered AMD several times before especially on my more recent build but the performance was never right for my needs. Just before I was about to decide between AMD and the 8600K , the 9900k showed up and it was the perfect combination of performance and cores at the time for my needs...
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    Need help between these 3 monitors for gaming and more

    Hope you can help me with this decision :) So I have the Acer XF272 240hz which is REALLY good for CSGO but I am playing less of it (I only like Dust 2 DM and got sick of hackers and morons just camping AWPs in every corner). So I decided to return the Acer and get a monitor that I can use for...
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    any program that allows me to re-orginize this list?

    Hopefully I can explain this correctly. I have the attached script with entries from 1 to over 5000. I need to split so I will do from 1 to 500 then 501 to 1000 etc. But in order to do this, I need to delete all entries and leave only 1 to 500 first,. Then delete all entries and leave only 501...
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    XL2740 or XL2546 or other?

    So I was leaning towards the 27" because of the size as my editing monitor is a 32" so dropping to 24" is a bit too much but I guess I can sit VERY close to it to compensate. It looks from my research that both of these use older TN panels with bad IQ? I know it is for gaming but still... The...
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    Adding drives to Raid 6..does it matter if I already have data or not for speed and "safety"

    Hello, I have a RAID 6 setup with 5x8TB drives. I havent transferred my data to it yet. I was wondering if it matters at all if I transfer the data now then add 3 more drives later of if it will be faster to add drives if there is no data yet? Also, I guess when adding drives, it will be best...
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    Want to add mini monitor inside my PC for stats and "coolness" factor.

    So I have the Thermaltake View 71 case which has the 4 HDD rack in front but right above that there is a big empty space which I would love to use for a 7" or so monitor to keep track of the computer temp, speed, etc and well look cool covering that empty spot. Just wondering what suggestions...
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    Help with instashield error on boot please

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me figure out what is causing this error to get rid of it finally. Windows 10 Thank you! The Details Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002 Error Information: >setup.cpp (142) PAPP: PVENDOR: PGUID: $21.0.338 windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 Service Pack 0 (9600) IE...
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    Anyone has info about Seagate 8TB ST8000NM0105

    A local is selling a few of these drives "sealed" but I cant find much about it. Makes me wonder how old this model is or if any issues were found and was removed from the market or something weird going on.
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    Amazon has 5% coupon for i9-9900k. Comes to $508.24

    Well maybe not the most impressive savings but the lowest I have seen it so far as long as you dont get it by taxes that is. :)
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    Gigabyte Z370 and 390 users..need help with RAM divider?

    Hello! So I am trying to find my limits of my CPU/RAM but have a problem. I can set my RAM to say 3300 and it shows 3300 in Windows just fine but if I keep trying to push higher like 3600, the mobo is doing some auto changes (I guess some ram divider) that puts me back to 3200 in Windows even...
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    Thermaltake View 91 owners...mind posting photos?

    Just wondering about this View 91 case hoping to see some builds and feedback specially for people with lots of HDDs not with many custom water loops. Thanks!
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    Upgrading from G19S, Roccat Aimo Hoarde, G910 Spectrum or other???

    Hello! So I recently did an upgrade on my X58 based PC and well...its upgrade fever so time to update my trusty G15 logitech. Its main feature was the LCD of course so my first inclination was to get the G19S which I could never afford before but can be found at good used prices now. Then...
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    Frustrated picking a Z390 mobo due to these issues...

    Hello! So I was all set on the Asus z390 Hero BUT at least based on the latest test from "hardware unboxed", it runs much hotter than the other boards and the design seems inferior yet it has what most people claim to be the best bios. Then I started looking at the MSI Ace BUT I just read that...
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    Any Artic Liquid Freezer 360 users here? Considering one for the 9900k

    Hello! Just trying to get some feedback about the 360 version as it seems all reviews are for the smaller ones. Hoping that they didnt mess anything up with the larger unit as I am considering it for the 9900k. The other unit I was considering is the newest Swiftech ones. Thanks
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    Looking for recent feedback on Vorpx for my Oculus

    Hello guys! So just wondering how you like Vorpx and how does it compare to the real native games. It would be nice to be able to use other games that are not available in VR for sure. Thanks!
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    Would you replace a HX1000W (purchased use 9.5 years ago) for new build?

    Hello! Do you guys normally wait for a PSU to die or start acting up before replacing it or are you guys proactive about it. I am planning my new build around either a 2700x or a 9900k (will be OCing either way) and a GTX 1080ti. About 8HDDs as well. My Corsair HX1000W I bought used 9.5 years...
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    7900x , 7920x or 8700k for Photoshop, VR vs AMD 2950x, 2700x???

    Hello! So I was set on getting a 2950x for my needs which are first Photoshop editing with many plug ins. Then VR gaming Oculus Rift and lastly some 4k video editing with Premier or Vega. Not to mention gaming seems to always favor Intel. Then I found a website showing that for Photoshop pretty...
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    Anyone knows if zotac gtx1080 ti blower is reference?

    Hello. A local is selling the zotac blower version for $400 so I thought I could just buy it then get a hybrid cooler from evga and still be cheaper than buying the "real thing" but I am unable to find out so far if that zotac will work with the evga cooler. My other option is a gigabyte for...
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    2950X build now or wait for mobos? First AMD since Phenom2!

    Hello! So I am running the stuff on my sig, 5650 Xeon 6 cores @ 4.3Ghz on X58 and it has been a system that just keeps on giving. But of course, the upgrade bug is biting again finally after so many years with an X58 system. My previous AMD system was a Phenom 2 based system so it has been a...
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    Acer XB321HK or Benq PD3200U for Photo Editing first..gaming far second…

    Ok so I am trying to upgrade from my current Sony 43X800D mainly because I feel a monitor will give me more accurate colors with less variations across the screen compared to my Sony panel which any slight movement of my head shows color changes and some weird vertical "columns"on white...
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    XBR43X800D..anything better for photo editing in this size?

    Trying to upgrade from my Sony TV so something that has a more photo editing friendly screen (the Sony screen looks great but any movements of my head I can see the image changing which is not very good when editing photos as different parts of the screen my look different depending where my...