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    What's a good brand of motherboard speaker?

    I just bought a new motherboard but it didn't include a mobo speaker. What are the best brands that produce these?
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    How do I delay Openhardwaremonitor's autostart by a few seconds?

    I'm using Openhardwaremonitor in order to pass my cpu and gpu temps over to my fan controller software. The problem I seem to be having, is Openhardwaremonitor appears to be launching too quickly, and 25% of the times I boot, I think Openhardwaremonitor is opening before my cpu sensor is ready...
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    Thunderbolt header question

    My new motherboard has a Thunderbolt 3 header on it that I'd like to use. Poking around on Amazon, I can't seem to find the pci bracket dongle part I need in order to use the port. Could someone please link me to one so I'll know what to buy?
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    Are there any advantages of an AMD igpu?

    Are there any advantages of an AMD igpu these days over Intel's igpu? I've been reading everywhere that the encoding quality of Intel's Quick Sync is higher than AMD's equivalent, and now the new XE igpus are faster in gaming too. Is there any reason at all anymore to go with one of AMD's igpus?
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    Laptop hard drive stagnation

    Is Western Digital ever going to release new models of laptop hard drives beyond 2TB? It feels like it's been forever since we've gotten a new model from them and I'd like to move up to a 3tb.
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    Thoughts on Samsung Rapid Mode?

    I run a Samsung 840 Pro SSD as my Windows boot drive and see Samsung offers the RAM caching rapid mode software. Has anyone had positive results by enabling this? I don't really hear people talk about it much so I'm not sure if it's worth using, or if it's just a placebo that would slow down...
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    Is there a performance advantage of using EXT4 on Windows?

    I saw that utilities exist that add EXT4 file system support to Windows for secondary disk drives. I'm curious if anyone knows of any performance advantages in doing this? since EXT4 is more advanced than NTFS?
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    M.2 SSDs that use SATA protocol - Why?

    I'm curious what the purpose of these M.2 SSDs that just use the SATA protocol are. Why would anyone ever want one of these over a regular SATA drive, or a NVME m.2 SSD?
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    Is reverse Nvidia super sampling possible in order to improve performance?

    It looks like I'll be stuck using an older video card for awhile and I'm wondering if reverse Nvidia-super sampling of some kind is possible in order to improve framerate performance? If not Nvidia, does something like this exist on the AMD or Intel graphics side?
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    How do I tell why Windows 10 restarted?

    I suspect that my Win10 PC might currently have a instability that causes it to restart it's self occasionally. I'm trying to narrow down what the problem is, but in the process of doing that I have actually seen Windows 10 force-restart my PC to install updates. (without my explicit permission)...
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    M.2 drive with the highest endurance?

    Which model of M.2 SSDs have the highest write endurance rating out of them all?
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    Questions about using an Asus Hyper PCI-E to M.2 adapter

    I recently picked up an Asus Hyper M.2 adapter to hopefully finally upgrade to one of the latest current-gen SSDs. Before I drop a $150 dollars on a M.2 drive I wanted to run a couple of questions by you guys. It's my understanding that I won't be able to boot Windows off of this on an older...
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    Original PCI USB 3 card?

    Hi! I'm looking to upgrade my PC with additional USB 3.0 ports, but I only have original PCI slots available. Do any companies make PCI to USB 3.0 or 3.1 expansion cards?
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    Are all modern video cards still Win7 compadible?

    After what happened with CPUs, I thought I'd better ask before buying one. Do all the modern cards still work with Windows 7, and in my case also work with a PCI-E 2.0 slot?
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    For some reason I can't get Tempest 4000 to run @ 1080p

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot this odd issue. I purchased Tempest 4000 from the Steam store, but the game isn't allowing me to run it at 1080p resolution and instead is only offering a maximum res of 1680x1050. Can anything think of anything for me to try in order to...
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    Samsung On5 inaccurate touch screen

    The touchscreen on my On5 is very inaccurate. I didn't realize how off it really was until I played with my buddies phone for awhile. Is there some sort of touch calibration that's possible, or a common method of fixing this type of problems? Is that what the digitizer part thing does? I'm a...
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    Chrome on Android loads to a black screen

    Very very frequently when Chrome loads a webpage, the entire screen will be black and ive got to scroll or zoom before I can actually see the page. Any ideas or tips on how to fix this issue?
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    How can I disable auto updates on Win10 Home?

    I'm trying to test out Windows 10 Home on a second partition of my computer, but Windows 10 is downloading junk around the clock in the background and I can't get anything done. I need a way to completely shut off updates and not just delay them as my internet is so slow that the updates pile up...
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    Do you like Android or iPhone better, and why?

    I tend to prefer Android phones because they have models where you can easily swap the battery out when it starts to wain. How about you guys? Who is your preffered smartphone?
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    Chrome in general drains my phone's battery too much

    I thought i'd post here and ask for some advice about this issue from others here. In general, the Google Chrome web browser drains my phones's battery down quite quickly when I just do general web browsing. Some web pages drain the battery dramatically faster than others, like hardforum doesn't...
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    Where is a good site to buy a replacement motherboard battery?

    The motherboard battery on my 1150 Intel motherboard has lost it's charge. Anyone know of a good website to buy a quality replacement battery? I don't mind paying a bit more in order to get the highest quality battery that I can.
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    Okay to run RAM at 1.35V with a Sandy Bridge CPU?

    I just wanted to run this past you guys to make sure it's officially supported. I still use a Sandy Bridge i5 CPU, but in an Ivy Bridge capable Z77-A motherboard with DDR3L RAM. Since my motherboard supports it, is it supported to run my ram at 1.35V or is this only if I was using an ivy bridge...
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    Is it possible to achieve H.265 HW acceleration on my HTPC?

    I just recently obtained the new MKV H.265 4K remaster of Star Wars, however my CPU is not fast enough to play back the film without massive frame skipping and my CPU just stays pegged at 99% usage. I'd really like to try and enable some type of hardware acceleration in order to get the film to...
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    Can I downgrade the microcode on my Intel CPU?

    Gigabyte recently a released Meltdown and Spectre microcode update for my CPU that came with my Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 barebones PC. Upon installing this microcode update, Windows 7 stopped working. I tried to reinstall Win7 to get it working again, but now that i've updated my CPU's microcode...
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    I updated my mobo firmware.. Now Windows 7 no longer works?

    I'm at my wits end with this problem. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of and if someone can help me resolve this, it would mean a lot to me and save me from replacing this computer. -I have a Gigabyte GB-BXBT-2807 motherboard (technically a barebones style pc build) -This...
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    Installing lots of apps seems to be slowing down phone

    About a month ago I was getting really fed up with the sluggishness of my phone (Samsung J3 2016). I performed a factory reset on the phone, and wow - this thing is screaming fast. It feels like a brand new model of phone performance-wise. I'm trying to determine why it got so crazy slow over...
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    What does it mean when an app just closes on it's own?

    I'm curious. On Android phones, what does it mean when you are using an app, then it just closes suddenly and abruptly without any warning or error message? Is this perhaps due to overheating, or running out of RAM? It doesn't happen a whole lot, but when it does I always find myself scratching...
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    Killer Instinct PC crashes on exit

    Any ideas on what to try to fix this?
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    My speakers died and I need help routing my sound through my monitor's speakers

    - My speakers broke. -I can't afford to replace them, but my monitor happens to have built-in speakers so i'd like to use those for the time being. -If I unplug my speakers, my sound stops working and dosen't come out of my monitor speakers? -Looking at the Windows 7 audio manager panel that...
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    Will the next generation of Video Cards still support Windows 7?

    What do you guys think? It feels to me like we'll probably at the least get 1-2 more generations of Video cards that support Win7. I say that because I feel that it would be leaving money on the table for Nvidia and AMD not to.
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    Why do modern TVs still use Over-scan?

    I know why classical traditional television sets used over-scan back in the day, but with the modern models of HD-TVs we have now, why is overscan still a thing? I had always assumed that it would be dropped with the transition to HDtvs.
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    Does anyone else here PC game with 0 fans in their computer?

    For the past 3 years i've been doing 100% of my PC gaming fanlessly. That is, I removed all of the cooling fans from my computer because quite frankly, I found them to be unnecessary and I very much enjoy the complete dead silence that it provides. It's also cool to know i've reduced the...
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    What's the deal with AM4 boards having so few sata ports?

    AMDs FM2 boads usually had eight sata ports all provided by the chipset so what is up with all these AM4 motherboards with only 4 sata ports. I'm about ready to do a budget rebuild and just might go Intel again just because it's so much easier to find a board with 6 sata ports.
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    Bristol Ridge R7 Apu Question

    Those new Bristol Ridge AM4 chips look to be an exceptional value to me for a capable APU, however I've got just one small concern before i'd consider getting one. Does anyone know how much DDR4 that it will let you allocate toward the onboard V-RAM? I've been a proud owner of a Sapphire R7...
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    My computer hasn't let me access the Playstation Store for 4 days

    For several days now I have been trying to access the Sony Playstation Store from my PC's web browser in order to download Metal Gear Solid to my Sony Playstation Vita, which you are unable to do from the Vita it's self. The internet URL address i've been trying to use it straight from google...
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    Loungecraft - 24/7 Minecraft Vita Edition Server! Play Minecraft online anywhere

    Introducing LoungeCraft! Our very own 24 hour Minecraft Vita Edition server that is maintained, supported and moderated with the utmost passion and care. It's a normal difficulty survival world, with only mob griefing disabled simply to protect other player's builds from accidentally being...
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    Just got new GPU for Fallout 4 but game won't use my V-RAM

    Just yesterday I got a new Videocard to improve my Fallout 4 experience. Upgraded from a Radeon HD7850 1GB to a Radeon RX460 4GB. The seemingly odd issue i'm having is I can't get Fallout 4 to use more than about 1.8GB of my new videocard's 4GB of V-RAM. In fact changing my texture quality from...
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    Does software exist to test USB Ports/controller?

    I suspect that my motherboard's USB ports are failing or randomly flaking out. When my Android phone is plugged in, I get periodic Windows USB errors, as well as my fan controller which communicates with my motherboard over SUB is constantly loosing its connection now. Does any diagnostic...
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    Does the Amazon Fire TV Console support the Microsoft Xbox ONE controller WIRELESSLY?

    I'm at a loss here. I have been google searching for literally 3 hours straight to see if the Fire TV console is compatible with the Xbox One controller wirelessly but every damn forum post I can find on the entire internet is insanely unspecific. Hundreds and hundreds of websites so into great...
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    Clamwin says my fan controller driver is a Trojan Virus! :O

    Last week I did a routine anti-virus scan with Clamwin antivirus, and it said I had a Win.Trojan.Dropped-1752 virus, so I carefully did a clean install of Windows, being careful to scan each and every driver, or program I go to load onto my computer. Well I use an Aquacomputer hardware fan...