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  1. Denpepe

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Well if the main consensus is that the game needed more time b4 beeing released complaining about slow new content drops is kind of contradiction, or maybe you also want it to be a buggy mess. "cutting content" from games in developpement is not unheard of or even uncommon and sometimes leads...
  2. Denpepe

    Kid just wants to play apex what card do I get?

    Find this a strange remark since the game is barely 2 years old but you make it sound a lot older.
  3. Denpepe

    Oh Snap, Won Newegg Shuffle....To Buy or not to buy

    That's VAT included.
  4. Denpepe

    Oh Snap, Won Newegg Shuffle....To Buy or not to buy

    only 1800$ ? Be happy you don't live in Europe
  5. Denpepe

    Gears of War 5

    I probably could but then I have to find a good one figure out how it works and not mess anything up in other programs only to be able to drive forward in a game. Why allow players to remap keybinds and only work with 50% of the actions bound to that key? Even the onscreen prompts are wrong as...
  6. Denpepe

    Gears of War 5

    Been playing this game recently, another unreal engine game, and another broken POS, now my issues with borderlands are a minor inconvenience (panning the map is broken on an AZERTY keyboard), trying to drive the skiff in this game with an AZERTY keyboard is frustrating as hell. I use ZQSD for...
  7. Denpepe

    Xe looking EXTREAMLY under welming

    People also buried AMD after the launch of the mediocre RDNA 1 and after countless reiterations of CGN cards or the bulldozer CPU's and look where they are now. And they lacked the money that intel has.
  8. Denpepe

    Weird issue with USB ports on Asus TUF Gaming X570

    I kind of agree with him, though in this case I would have most likely only returned the motherboard and gotten a different one, if that had the same issue after getting everything up to date, then I would have gone intel.
  9. Denpepe

    Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5 exclusive)

    I would love to play this game but seeing most of the PS5's are sent to the US and there is no way to preorder over here, I have to hope that I'm far enough in the notify me line of that one store to be able to buy one, but seeing as they don't release info on the amount of consoles they get or...
  10. Denpepe

    Whea Internal Parity Error on 10850K stock!

    Why make a big deal out of a single error from a buggy game? Just put it aside as a fluke, worry when something like that happens on a regular base.
  11. Denpepe

    What do you mostly play? Single or Multiplayer games?

    I answered half and half but multiplayer in my case is mostly world of warcraft, but not PVP, only play some apex legends in PVP.
  12. Denpepe

    Official PS5 Thread

    Yeah tthey should rather state they would flood the market with consoles to deter scalpers iso giving them incentive to continue.
  13. Denpepe

    SSD controller chip overheating

    The controller does not like heat so much, the memory chips work better at "warm" temperatures but not hot
  14. Denpepe

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

    it's on sale for 289$ atm
  15. Denpepe

    Tempered glass case shattered

    Noctua has chromax now
  16. Denpepe

    Pc freezes randomly

    In the windows logs, look for critical or just errors, not sure about the correct terminology as my windows is in dutch, but typing logs in search should get you there
  17. Denpepe

    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)

    Doubtfull I'll have a console by then seeing I did not get one in the latest drop I found out today, been 2.5 months since the previous one so at the current rate I mighht get one by the time PS7 launches.
  18. Denpepe

    Who are you in mercy?

    Option 5 I have no idea what this thread is about
  19. Denpepe

    Samsung 2.5” SATA SSD replacement screw

    I would first of all check that what you bought is inside the SSD enclosure, sounds fishy to me.
  20. Denpepe

    Pc freezes randomly

    Check your errors logs to see what happend, not always very reliable but could give you an idea.
  21. Denpepe

    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    Because the list are too long and to make matters even worse everyone is going to go on every list. According to a recent jayz2cents vid some unnamed company has a waitlist of over 1.5 miliion people, you do the tmath when you will get one in that case.
  22. Denpepe

    Front Panel Connector

    Asus used to add this to their motherboards, was quite handy
  23. Denpepe

    Borderlands 3

    Currently there are some mini events going on, also the cartel is coming back june 24
  24. Denpepe

    GamePass help PC

    windows usually only has patches on patchtuesday, which is once a month, while there are more updates occasionally, if you are getting that much something seems off.
  25. Denpepe

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I got it on xbox, played trough it on easy for the story, not a bad game, but a bit much back and forward in the same zones, I spent a lot of time trying to get back to my ship or figuring out how to get to a certain location, if you can get past or have a better sence of navigation, it's worth...
  26. Denpepe


    This is not directed at you, but what a load of bull, you can go everywhere, but actaully you can not if you want to actually, you know live Also it does not mean I think the game is bad or good, just bad marketing
  27. Denpepe

    Epic Games Store

    While steam is the big guy, there are other stores that function just fine, thing is that some of them like, uplay or origin are mostly for games those companies make themselves and/or are available on multiple storefronts. Epic on the other hand has to few good games to make their...
  28. Denpepe

    Will Nvidia be releasing more 3000-series cards?

    I think a better questio is, can they? According to some sources demand for silicon is 30+% higher then what can be made, so ordering more stuff that can not be made is kind of pointless. Samsung has already stated that if things continue like they are currently they will have to stop making...
  29. Denpepe

    GamePass help PC

    There are not that many windows updates usually, however a lot of games require specific runtime libraries which you can for instance see steam install b4 you can run a game for the first time, and every launcher type thing would require you to get those.
  30. Denpepe

    Help upgrading

  31. Denpepe

    Help upgrading

    not sure how it is where you guys live, but over here it's just an automated system, have to punch in the code windows gives you and the computer gives you your new key.
  32. Denpepe

    Apex Legends launching monday(titanfall BR)

    kind of a necro but anyways, new season launched and the game is mostly borked atm, at least the servers are up, only access to the base legends atm though, not sure anything you do is counting for the new seasonal stuff and the shop is down. You would think after all the seasons they went...
  33. Denpepe

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Been playing some more shadowlands, a bit of apex legends, and CP2077, other then having some problems picking up random stuff the game works fine
  34. Denpepe

    What is your backup GPU?

    My backup would be my RTX 2080 or an old RX 570
  35. Denpepe

    How would you remotely diagnose issues related to graphics cards?

    I prefer the good old "did you give it a good wallop"
  36. Denpepe

    Intel's GPU coming in 2022?

    Samsung is making the 3xxx Nvidia GPU's imagine the inventory issues if this was alsio TSMC
  37. Denpepe

    Official PS5 Thread

    Yeah PS5 are seeminly non existent in shops over here, I got an easier time getting an RTX 3080 then a PS5 or S-box series X. One of the big e-tailers works with a waiting list based on his notify me list, so who knows how long it will still take at this point, some of our big news outlets...
  38. Denpepe

    Official PS5 Thread

    Some auction site tried to sell 12 PS5 consoles via auction but they got inundated with fake bids of up to 20.000 € so they had to cancel most of the auctions (supposedly 3 got sold) until they find another way to sell them (article is in dutch)...
  39. Denpepe

    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    Somehow I don't think these prices are going to last like you think The fact that they have stock on some models says to me that people wont pay just about anything for...