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    [DEAD] Ryzen 3600X $209.09 amazon

    3600X $209.09 on amazon. Just $40 off, but still a decent deal.
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    USB-C Cable Arcing on Disconnect

    I have an Anker USB-C cable which is hooked up to my PC for charging/data transfer. I noticed that when I disconnect it, it arcs inside the cable's connector end several times (about 5 on average, in quick bursts). Is this normal/expected behavior?
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    AMD InWin 301 Custom Loop

    This one could take a while, just due to the difficulty. Going to be stuffing an mATX motherboard and a 280mm res into the InWin 301, hopefully without any permanant modification to the case. So far, I've stripped out everything I can without cutting or drilling, including the front panel...
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    Asus AM4 commercial (CSM) Boards

    Anybody have one? I'm curious about the extra features they have, especially ECC support (I assume unbuffered, but regardless...). Are there any particularly useful features which set them apart from their non-CSM boards? They aren't much more expensive, so I figure the hardware is basically...
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    SFF Platform Reviews?

    Are there any websites/blogs posting reviews of itx systems? Looking for power-consumption specifically (AMD APU itx system power, for example), but I would be interested in reviews focused on other things as well (board layout, chipsets, etc). I'm aware of buildzoid, but can't watch his videos...
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    [WIP] Antek ISK 300-150 AM4 Build

    Parts: MB: Asrock B450 Gaming-ITX/AC (shipping) CPU: 3400G (4000-series later, maybe) Cooler: Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 RAM: TBD (Likely TEAMGROUP E+ 2x4GB 2400 cl16) Storage: Corsair 128GB SATA SSD, to be upgraded later. So far I've got the case and CPU cooler. I've unpacked and disassembled the case...
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    Any new boards in the pipes?

    Are there new boards coming down the pipes, or should I just bite the bullet? Really don't want to spend almost $200 on a b350/450, especially if 550 is around the corner. Lookin to do a sff build, but seems like everything is sold out or sold by a third party for 130%. Even the matx boards are...
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    Hoover Spotless Ptbl Carpet Cleaner $69.99

    Smokin! Hoover Portable Carpet/upholstery cleaner On clearance at (sold by sears) for $69.99 Target price matched, but they don't have the deluxe model (which is what this looks like), ymmv and all that. Alright, so there are (at least) three models... Sears: FH11200 (blue) –...
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    ESET NOD32 (5 PCs) $24.99 in cart Newegg

    ESET NOD32 2019 AV, $24.99 at the egg. Not super hot, but a pretty good deal if you have a few PCs to protect.
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    AMD Announce Partnership w/ Samsung As part of the partnership, Samsung will license AMD graphics IP and will focus on advanced graphics technologies and solutions that are critical for enhancing innovation across...
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    "ShadowHammer" malware found in Asus update, among others

    Kaspersky found malware being distributed by Asus update software with legitimate certificates, and says users of other vendors' software are also at risk, Forbes reports: The motivations for the malware attack are unclear, but it apparently targeted only 600 specific MAC addresses. Once found...
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    [DEAD] LSI-9300-8i openbox $170 a/ tax+promo Exit: out of stock, but the code is still good for other items. OPENBX331THIRTY is the promo code (30% off ob), works on other openbox items too (I saw a supermicro epyc board, for instance, if you're interested).
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    AsRock X399M Taichi [Toms Review]

    They said it couldn't be done. They said we were crazy. Well, here it is... An mATX X399 board: the X399M Taichi
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    Epyc 7371 Announced

    Via AnandTech (though I first heard through newswire)
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    AMD Q2 Financial Results, Earnings Call

    AMD released it's Q2 financial results, earnings call is beginning now at Here's a short excerpt from the financial results: The rest is available at the above link.
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    Ryzen / Epyc Embedded Launched AMD launched their new ryzen embedded platform/chips
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    Bclk, Cache Speed, L2 >= L1? (Ryzen)

    After updating to latest bios, I was trying different OC settings, and while testing for mem stability I saw this: L1 Cache: 58.67GB/s L2 Cache: 58.98GB/s Now, I know it was probably a fluke/error in the speed detection, but is it even possible for the L2 cache to be faster than the L1 cache...
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    Xperia XA Nougat finally out...Not!

    Well, Sony finally released the Nougat update for the Xperia XA (and ultra) phones, then stopped distributing it soon after due to... "issues with the ota update" or something like that. Anyone lucky enough to get it before it disappeared?
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    New imac: 5K Retina, Thunderbolt, Radeon Pro 500...

    I'm not a big apple fan, but I thought those who are would be interested to know: The new 21.5 & 27" imacs will have Radeon Pro 500 series graphics, along with a few other additions/changes.
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    [Not Hot...] Corsair Ripjaw V 2x8GB 2800CAS16 $114

    Corsair Ripjaw V 2x8GB 2800 CAS16 $114 NVM, I read 3800, was 2800
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    Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming K5

    Heyo, the Gaming K5 is now available on Amazon ("in stock on April 19th" last checked), I'd assume newegg too (haven't checked). Feel free to post your builds, bios woes, etc, for the K5 in this thread. :D Here's the driver/bios download page. Current BIOS available: (03/09/2017) F1, "Initial...
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    EK-WB "Ryzen Week" Supremacy Evo on Sale $51-67

    Get'em while they're hot! ;) Prices from $51 to $67-ish. Edit: ordered mine on the 3rd, still no shipping notification (as of 3/8/17), so they must be going through a bit of volume. When I ordered my EK-Revo pump top a while back, it shipped out the next day.
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    EK Waterblocks Confirming Compatibility [AM4]

    EK-WB posted this on their Facebook page a while ago: Click to view on Facebook
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    EK-WB Black Friday Deals

    Don't see this on the first two pages, figured I should give you guys a heads-up. EK's doing a pretty big sale this week (I missed the first day :( ) Tue: Waterblocks Wed: Pumps, Reservoirs (Today) Thu: Fans, Radiators Fri: Doesn't say (everything?) Sat: Fittings Sun: Accessories Mon: "A...
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    Hard Tube (Cu, Brass, etc) and Fittings Suggestions

    So I'm thinking about eventually putting together a loop using brass tubing and compression fittings (with ferrules), but being in the US, it's not exactly easy for someone not in the know to find 1/4" BSPP compression fittings that don't cost $8+ a piece. What are your recommendations for...
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    Sidewinder Computers is on Amazon

    Apologies if this isn't really the best place for this, or if it's already well known, but... Sidewinder Computers apparently has a storefront on Amazon! The selection isn't huge, but I figured I'd post given the general lack of reputable shops stocking watercooling components (aside from...
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    EK Revo D5 Pump Tops/Reservoirs

    Apparently EK released a new line of pump-top and reservoir/pump combos back in September. I ordered the EK-XTOP Revo D5 pump top because it looked more compact than the XSPC top I have currently and has a rubber isolator built in. It's not installed yet, but I think it looks pretty slick...
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    Car LED Halos for Case Fans?

    So, I'm kinda disappointed in the lack of good static-pressure fans with LEDs, and I'm not convinced an LED strip placed around/behind my fans would look as good as integrated LEDs, nor would I like to drill holes in my fans. o_O So I was browsing around, saw these, and thought, "hmm, I...
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    Making the jump from AIO, decision time--HAF XB EVO build

    So I'm ready to make the jump, got a radiator, cpu block, and fittings on their way. Now, I have a decision to make: Reservoir, or no reservoir? There's not a huge amount of space in the XB EVO, but I could fit a 240mm res/pump combo if I wanted to work for it. The alternatives are a smaller...
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    Playing with Acrylics: CM XB EVO

    The XB EVO is a great looking case'n'all, but I thought it could use a little sprucing up. Still working out the hows and whats, but it looks like (once I get an idea of what, exactly, to paint) it'll work out well--as well as it could coming from an amateur anyway: A bit of Naphthol...
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    First Intel Build, going [H]ard.

    Being as I just had the pleasure of obtaining (winning) a Z97 Sabertooth Mark S and STRIX GeForce 980 here at [H]ard|Forum, I figured it would be an injustice if I didn't at least attempt a build before selling either/or. ;) That said, I'm going to need some help picking out a case and power...
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    a78 vs a88x, 106 bclk wall?

    I have a Gigabyte F2A88XN-WIFI board, which can't go above 106 bclk without losing ahci (and I think my wifi disappears at about 111), so I was thinking about getting another motherboard. IDE isn't an option, because switching to IDE doesn't help for whatever reason, and I've got a SSD so...
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    Internal USB 3.0 Hub

    Does anybody know of an internal USB hub that does not use a pcie slot? My mini-itx motherboard has only one 19pin USB 3.0 header, and the single pcie slot is occupied with a gpu; I would like to get a usb 3.0 card reader, but then I couldn't use the ports on the front of the case (unless I...
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    VIA VB8001 Motherboard; available now?

    I found a site which appears to be selling the VB8001(-16). I don't know if they really have it, or if they're a reliable store to be buying from(I just found them in a search for "VB8001" in Google's "Product Search". Just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone's interested. If anyone...
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    space between images in tables

    I've been working on my website for a while now and I can't seem to get rid of the space between the images in the tables in the div on the left. I've done it before, but it was before I switched to XHTML 1.1 and I can't quite get it working again. For the "Links" and "Outside Links" I could put...
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    ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 performance

    I was planning on getting a laptop and don't want to pay a lot. Unfortunately most low priced laptops(At least the AMD ones) have the Radeon Xpress 1150. What I was wondering is if it can perform, if I have a fair amount of memory, as well as my GeForce 7100 that I have in my desktop. If it...
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    Gateway(R) One GZ7220, dual-channel?

    I'm not planning on getting one myself, but I found it interesting that on the specs it says that it has "3072 DDR2 dual-channel memory" I find, from my experience, that dual-channel in that configuration would be really difficult. I'm guessing they meant the memory is rated for dual-channel...
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    Via, Dual-core/64-bit

    I did a little searching because I was interested in finding out if there were any dual-core or 64-bit Via processors. I found an article here about a 64-bit processor they were planning and one here about a "twin-core" processor, but both were outdated(2004) and I didn't see any others...
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    New Power Supply soon?

    My computer powered off unexpectedly and without warning yesterday. I went into the bathroom and noticed that the GFCI outlet had been tripped so I thought maybe there was a surge or something that had caused it(However unlikely that may be, it is possible. The power to the outlet powering my...
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    Fan vibrates for a time then smoothes out

    I have a 120mm fan in the back of my case, not sure if it's a sleeve or baring fan(Cheep one for sure though), that vibrates when I power on my computer and for about 20 seconds after(Computer is usually about to or already booting by the time it stops). I was wondering how I could fix it, if...