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  1. Grebuloner

    1 UPS 2 PCs?

    So, this has been a pretty tough season for me in terms of power utility reliability. Every time there's some kind of storm (or not), we have a rough power outage, the kind that starts with 10 seconds of brownout before quick on/off cycles and then it finally goes dark. Well, it's killing my...
  2. Grebuloner

    Keeping out arthropod vermin

    So, I have a number of spare computers that I generally only use for sporadic Primegrid challenges (power bill keeping me from running them all the time). For the sanity of my hearing, and to help keep them running cooler, I've placed them down in my unfinished basement on top of an old heavy...
  3. Grebuloner

    CPU or Motherboard toast?

    My main computer (3930k in sig) this evening had a hard crash while I was watching a video and updating my Win 10 virtual machine. Upon rebooting, it blue screened during startup about 30 seconds after the "Starting Windows" screen comes up, with an error 124 code, quickly reboots, rinses, and...