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  1. marshac

    10900k voltages

    I just built a new computer, and the motherboard (Asus ROG STRIX Z490-A) seems to do whatever the fuck it wants to do when it comes to voltages - sometimes it's 0.8v at idle, other times will juice it up to 1.65v (!!?) despite the fact that I've set specific voltages - I've tried setting a...
  2. marshac

    SPAM fallout

    My inbox is being flooded by non-deliverable notices as it looks like a spam-bot is currently using my email address as the sender information - I've looked at the headers to ensure that nothing is coming from my IP, and it's all japan, china, korea based IPs. Eventually they'll use a different...
  3. marshac

    Gaming KVM

    Any KVMs out there that support 120Hz+ and high resolutions? Nearly everything seems to be 60Hz - I had come across a reddit thread where people were saying that one brand unofficially seemed to work, but it would be nice to have stated support.
  4. marshac

    Creative X3 - Super Brief Review

    Exceptional sound - I purchased this due to frustrations with the RealTek audio on my motherboard and 5.1 audio. Reading up on my options, I was interested in the new chipset in the X3, and for the price, thought I would give it a shot. I haven't spent much time gaming, so I can't speak much to...
  5. marshac

    Siri - a sack of bricks

    I know there's a few out there that like Siri, but from most of my interactions requesting information, she falls apart - can't search the internet while driving, etc. Google assistant has (IMO) always been much better, and there are some work-arounds to get it into the iPhone "hey siri... ok...
  6. marshac

    AI powered sharpening

    I got a new monitor for Christmas (43" wide) and have been having a hard time finding desktop photos at a high enough resolution. Today it occurred to me to try one of the AI-powered sharpening tools that have started to become available - fairly good results! Below is a close-up of a section of...
  7. marshac


    question for the [H] about the best way to do something... I would like to route specific device traffic through a VPN while leaving other traffic (for Netflix for example) through the standard gateway. I’ve done this with DHCP reservations and specifying the gateway to use there, but something...
  8. marshac


    With the first reviews of Verizon’s initial 5G rollout emerging, an I the only one that is like “meh”? The epeen of course loves seeing 500Mb on a Speedtest screen, but I’m not quite sure what the benefit is of this speed vs a solid 20Mb/sec LTE connection on a mobile phone. An argument could be...
  9. marshac

    USB C

    Does anyone happen to know if the new monitors which accept USB C also support USB data over the same cable? I would love to relocate the computer to another location and simply have a USB-C wall plate which the monitor connects to, then acting like a hub for the keyboard/mouse to connect to...
  10. marshac

    Retro Phones

    Recently I decided to fire up the old Nokia 8290 for use as a "date phone"- no facebook, etc, just a phone. I had to locate an older SIM for it to work which I was able to do at a TMo store, but the sales guy told me that a fair number of people are doing what I was doing- essentially unplugging...
  11. marshac

    Huntsman Elite with Overwatch not working

    Replaced a Blackwidow with the Huntsman - the previous keyboard worked perfectly with the Chroma profile for Overwatch, but the new keyboard doesn't... the desktop profile remains loaded while in-game. The mousepad and mouse (Lancehead) do accept the Overwatch Chroma profile, so it's obviously...
  12. marshac

    i9 Razer Laptop - When?

    Has anyone heard any rumors about when we might see an i9 Razer laptop? It's time to retire the 8 year old Dell E6410 and I like the idea of switching to a laptop that can dock with an external GPU- I know other options are out there, but I like Razer's products and their laptops are pretty solid.
  13. marshac

    Synology DS918+

    This thing is bomb. I’ve got it upgraded to 16GB of RAM with two M.2 drives for I/O cache. It’s running a Windows 2016 virtual machine and all the usual Synology goodies. Really amazing piece of hardware, and if you’re looking for a new NAS, it’s well worth a look.
  14. marshac

    Apple Watch LTE

    The wife got her Apple Watch with LTE the other day- after reading the early reviews I was pretty sure it was going to suck. It’s actually really great. First, setup onto T-Mobile was done within the app- activation took about 15 seconds and I didn’t even have to talk to anyone. Once the Watch...
  15. marshac

    Home network segregation

    Moving into a new home and want to take the opportunity to better secure the home network- more and more IoT devices are on my home network, and since they're essentially black holes I would like to move them onto their own network. Devices would range from lightbulbs, cameras, appliances, TVs...
  16. marshac

    S8 screen protector hell

    Whenever I buy a new phone I usually also pick up two different screen protectors simply to cover my bases in case one sucks. I just got my S8 today in the mail along with a nice Spigen case as well as one glass and one wet-mount screen protector. The case is nice- it's like one I had for the S7...
  17. marshac

    Gear S2 3G

    I picked up one of these watches the other day from T-Mobile- I figured that some others might be interested and there simply aren't many reviews of the 3G model out there on the internet, so here's my quick rundown. Service cost- $15 minus a $10 bill credit from TMo, net $5 cost for...
  18. marshac

    Android on Windows Phone

    So I picked up a prepaid Lumina 640 the other night, upgraded to 10 and installed the AOW cabs- many android apps install and work quite well now- some have internet connectivity issues, but the vast majority work fine. The problem is the file system- it's clearly an android file system and I...
  19. marshac

    Windows phone...merits?

    Has anyone gone from Android to Windows Phone? What were your experiences like? Did you miss anything or find it lacking somehow? Android has begun to seem more and more bloated, and with the exception of perhaps Nexus phones seems to require top notch hardware for decent fluid performance...
  20. marshac

    Latest phone

    For as much as it cost.... it sure feels like I'm holding a piece of 1990. =D
  21. marshac

    Sony Z3

    I picked up a Z3 the other day and it's a phone that doesn't seem to get discussed much on here, but after having it for a few days I think that it really should. The styling itself is pretty sweet, but it packs in a large battery, 3GB of RAM, expandable storage, a 20MP camera (which pixel bins...
  22. marshac

    Two internet connections...

    I've got Google Fiber (Gb) and Comcast (250Mb) and would like to figure out a way to have failover from the Google to Comcast connection- unfortunately neither connection allows for a bridge mode, and I certainly don't want to get into a double-nat situation. Any ideas?
  23. marshac

    R7000 and dual WAN?

    I know the Asus AC68U supports two WAN connections- is there a way to create this same functionality on my R7000? I'm not interested in bonding so much as I am redundancy/failover- I've got Comcast 250/50 and Google Fiber.
  24. marshac

    Grey to orange?

    About three days ago I noticed that one shade of grey (the same grey color Google uses on their search result header) has turned orange/pink, and my desktop background appears as though it's being displayed in 16bit (or worse). I've checked the DVI cables, checked for any recently installed...
  25. marshac

    Early Upgrades...

    Am I the only one finding it humorous how AT&T and Verizon are reacting to T-Mobile's "Jump" plan, especially in light of their recent "aligning" of the upgrade cycle with contract length? Each has rolled out a similar plan, neither of which is a good deal to the consumer- same subsidy-based...
  26. marshac

    Verizon - Now even more awesome

    Verizon is moving towards 24mo upgrade cycles rather than the current 20mo cycle- good for them, bad for us. Thoughts? I particularly enjoy their assertion that the change "does not represent a change to the customer agreement"... Personally, I'm done with contracts once my current term with VZW...
  27. marshac

    Synology with S3 - Results

    Awhile back I asked if anyone had used S3 to back up some of their content from a Synology NAS- My first month's bill just came due- $0.81. I have about 20GB of pics that I store using RSS, and about 5GB of docs in the normal S3 environment. As a test I also uploaded 4GB of videos (season 1...
  28. marshac

    Verizon Tablets

    Has anyone else noticed that Verizon really doesn't seem to have any new tablets in the works? Nearly everything that's coming out is destined for AT&T.... I know VZW isn't subbing tablets anymore, but it almost seems as though they have written off that market. I'm just looking for a tablet...
  29. marshac

    Yet Another ASUS RMA Screwage

    So I was using my computer one night and it just died- literally just turned off. My P8P67 EVO mobo died. No problem I thought, ASUS is a good company and this RMA will be no problem- boy was I wrong Long story short, they refused to honor the warranty stating that I had bent the socket pins- no...
  30. marshac

    Anyone using S3 to backup their NAS?

    If so, what NAS are you using, how much data do you store, and what's your monthly S3 bill?
  31. marshac

    Odd phone sighting

    This past weekend I was up in Leavenworth, WA eating some brats and spaetzle and I saw a guy with a teal Lumina 900.... until I realized it wasn' was way too big. Has anyone heard any rumors of a Note (maybe slightly larger actually) sized Lumina-looking Windows Phablet?
  32. marshac

    Galaxy Nexus Vocoder?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the vocoder on the GN to EVRC-B? I've looked all over and have come up empty handed.
  33. marshac

    U3011 Deals?

    Anyone see the hot Dellf* running around dropping deals on the U3011 this year? *the 2004 Dellf preferably.... or the "intern".... either one can show up under my Christmas tree this year....
  34. marshac

    Satellite Phones

    I've looked at Iridium, Inmarsat, etc, but nobody seems to offer what i'm looking for... Basically what I would like is a sat phone with a prepaid SIM that can be used in case of an emergency (hurricane/earthquake kit, etc). It doesn't matter if airtime is $4+/min or if there is a nominal...
  35. marshac

    Mac for Wife

    I grew up with Macs beginning with a Mac SE- when I went away to college, I switched to PCs since I could no longer afford to buy Apple- in fact, the computer I bought while I was in high school was a refurb Motorola Starmax clone. Fast forward to the present day, and we seem to be...
  36. marshac

    New iPhone 4

    So my wife and I jumped ship from windows mobile- she had a HTC Diamond, and I had a HTC Touch Pro2- after months of complaining that she wanted to throw her phone across the room, we finally placed an order for two 32GB iPhone 4s. I've gotta say, these suckers are nothing short of amazing, and...
  37. marshac


    With everyone going nuts over the 3D revolution coming our way, one question remains unanswered- why must I buy a new TV/screen? nVidia offered shutter glasses 10 years ago and they worked just fine- what's so fundamentally different about this new technology that it requires all new equipment...
  38. marshac

    8pin PCIe required for 4870X2?

    Does anyone know if the 8pin PCIe power connector is required for the 4870X2, or if 2x6pin would power it up like some of the other cards?
  39. marshac

    Q9450 on 650i

    I know it's not officially supported, but I have read numerous posts with people claiming to run a Q9450 on a 650i board. Is anyone here running such a setup, and have you experienced any problems with it? I have a P5NE-SLI and don't want to sink any money into a new motherboard until nehalem...