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    Bricks from DeForest Kelley's childhood home
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    USB-c to 2.5G Ethernet adapter $30 with coupon

    Regular price $40, but there's currently a $10 off coupon on amazon (limit one per customer, which is a bummer, because I don't have anything else that does 2.5G) From plugable, includes a USB-A to USB-C adapter on the cord if needed. Realtek RTL8156 chipset.
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    m.2 length extension?

    Has anybody used the m.2 length extenders? I've been using a m.2 sata ssd that's 2242, but my new motherboard only has a mounting point at 2280, so it looks like my options are: a) don't screw down the SSD, b) get a length extension and use the m.2 port, something like this, c) get a m.2 -> 2.5"...