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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    So they made a 40 CU part to compete at the high end with a small die? Yeah... No. Whether or not they tried to scale it up and it didn't work is not an argument of whether the 5700xt was a good card or not. The 5700xt was not meant to compete with a 2080.. they may have hoped they could...
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    Removing unused leads from PCB

    I've done this before, I just unsolder the wires and solder back in only the ones I need... if you're really bored you can even shorten them up if they are to long. I've even changed out connectors when I didn't have enough of the right kind, just keep in mind the maximum power of your PSU...
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    2700 on b550 won’t downclock w/ manual oc

    I was going to say, I'm surprised it even booted! I don't have an answer, just listening in. Did you try installing ryzen master to see if it's possible through there? I just don't know since it's not claimed support anyways.
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    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" Boosts Up To 5.30 GHz, Say Rumored Specs

    +2% with a 5.3ghz boost frequency... What's this say about the purported IPC increase? I really expected Intel to start swinging back again by now, seems it'll be another year at least.
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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    It would have been accurate to say AMD did not target the high end, this I agree with. They failed to target/compete with the high end of Nvidia. It is not fair to say a $400 card did not complete with an $800 card, they obviously weren't intended to compete. The fact that it was so close in...
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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    It didn't fail to compete against high end Nvidia cards, that's like saying the 1060 failed to compete at the high end. That's a misleading argument, it was never intended to compete against the high end, it's price point supports this. That said, I do agree this isn't a 1080ti moment from...
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    AMD patents GPU chiplet designs

    The only "supposed attempt" to date is the Ryzen CPU line... and it seems perfectly fine to me. MCM hasn't been done on GPU's, the only thing done on GPU's where literally 2 GPU's slapped onto one circuit board. They weren't really integrated, they were just sharing a single PCB. So, you...
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    AMD patents GPU chiplet designs

    I'm sure it'll be just the way it's done now... they have multiple CU's on a single GPU with some method of handing out instructions on what to do for each one. If the CU's are spread on a single die or multiple, it's still the same concept, just slightly more latency, which is probably why...
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    PSU with fan off mode

    I've got an EVGA model with eco mode... Annoying as crap as it sits at zero RPM and intermittently turns on and off. I'd rather if it just sat at a really low rpm and didn't cycle. Seems more of a gimmick than a useful feature. It does this when I'm not even stressing my PC. It's a 1000w PSU...
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    Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" Boosts Up To 5.30 GHz, Say Rumored Specs

    I mean, if performance is within a few percentage points and I can choose between 88watts and 200+watts (3700x vs 10700k), I will take the lower power one. Less fans, less cooling required, less heat in my room. If the 10700k was substantially faster for the same $, sure, but it's not. I...
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    I dunno, much cheaper than replacing my mouse every other year... And since I've got a family of 5 (with 6 desktops for when friends come over) it's closer to every 4 months. I paid like $10 for 8 buttons, resolder is like $10... And you don't have to r place the skates if you don't booger them...
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    First 3D Printer... Software?

    I use emachineshop for my basic parts (very simple but limited to subtractive machining) and blender for more complex stuff. I tend to use octoprint (on a raspberry pi for remote printing) and matter control (to generate the gcode to copy to octo pi) for the actual printing.
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    Anything customizable like the RAT series of mice?

    That's not old man, I still have my R.A.T. 1, although the left click has recently become intermittent. Trying to figure out how to get it open without breaking to put in some kaihli GM 4.0 buttons to give it some new life, although it's terrible for gaming (they put some input filtering on the...
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    I've had bad luck with all products/manufacturers that I've used. My logitech keyboard keys got brittle and all started breaking so that turned me off of them quickly. At least a mechanical switches going bad is common among manufacturers, but keys being brittle and just breaking... Crap...
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    I don't know, I've had similar issues with all brands as well. Had 3 razer mice develop similar issues as well as some other (mad catz R.A.T. 1, i'm looking at you, but I can't figure out how to open this without breaking it!). I did not toss them though, I upgraded the buttons to some Kailh...
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    A tale of two NAS - Budget and MidRange and the performance delta between them

    This is why I've been waiting on 10gbe to come down in price.... I can sustain ~1GB/s (sequential) on my RAID, but my 1gbe maxed at like 120MB/s... Almost quicker to to plug in a USB disk drive and copy files.
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    Worth the money - setup with cheap external WD USB3.0 drives - Raid 6 LSI 9460 controller WD120EDAZ

    Nice, seems a cheap raid is working out. Keep us updated on how it holds up. I'm running 6 2.5" spinners (just cheap laptop drives) in raid 10... Been that way for over a year now, no issues yet. If only my server supported 3.5" drives, so many more options!!
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    ASRock Launches Legacy M.2 Graphics Card

    Yeah, if I needed all that I'd just put in a low end GPU, lol. A pci-e to m.2 adapter to run a GPU kind of defeats the purpose of using the m.2 slot. I guess you could possibly get a x1 pci-e to nvme ribbon of sorts so you could install it somewhere else, but again kind of defeats the purpose.
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    ASRock Launches Legacy M.2 Graphics Card

    This would be great for troubleshooting a board without onboard graphics or something, but just having a VGA output doesn't make this hugely relevant in most instances. As other mentioned, I have thought of using one of my Ryzen's for a server and this might be nice to use instead of having to...
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    Intel's Raja Koduri Teases Xe-HP Accelerator

    I feel he is actually a really good fit for Intel culture. Talk big, get nothing done. I don't see either one changing because of him.
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    Water cooling noob takes on ITX custom loop

    This is what I was going to say. I would turn the front fan and AIO around so the CPU is pulling fresh air and the GPU heat is exiting through the front rather than going through the case and through the CPU cooler. Welcome to the joys of SFF :) A bit more thought involved than a huge case...
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    You have the order wrong.. he did cover it in another video prior to Nvidia complaining. And it was in the original review, just not enough of it to satisfy Nvidia. Also, Nvidia even used quotes from HUB in their marketing material because they have actually said good things about DLSS. If...
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    Simple question for anyone who has upgraded from Zen 2 to Zen 3...

    I had all overclocking disabled in RM and only ever used it for monitoring. I only overclock in the bios, but as you said its low level so I think it may have been interfering. Even after I put my 1600 in and uninstalled ryzen master, my PC still wouldn't work properly (boot failure would...
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    Intel's Raja Koduri Teases Xe-HP Accelerator

    Ahh, old Raja back to telling us how good something will be... if only he could ever prove what he said. So glad he left AMD. He may have been constrained on how much he could spend, but he sure wasn't shy about hyping up performance to let people down. He left a sour relationship with many...
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    Simple question for anyone who has upgraded from Zen 2 to Zen 3...

    I'd think the same thing to if I didn't have the exact opposite experience. I have seen plenty of people who didn't have any issues as well, so seems a bit of hit or miss. ThreeDee seems to have seen similar issues as me, but as you can see by the other half dozen or so that had no issue it...
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    Well, haven't bought an nvidia card since GPP and this hasn't changed it for me. Honestly, they have better cards in general.. it's like, we're ahead and can sell our cards on their merits, or we can Best case: try to destroy our only real competition so we can be a monopoly and end up having...
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    RTX 3060 12GB, shader cores and potential 6GB variant

    You're saying AMD expects the same, but then point to their cards that are going out, not incoming. We have yet to see what AMD will offer at $300. Either way, none of these cards really have enough HP to drive higher resolutions, so extra memory may or may not make much difference, but core...
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    Simple question for anyone who has upgraded from Zen 2 to Zen 3...

    It's hard to say for sure... I did a zen 1 to zen 2 upgrade (1600 to 3700x on the same motherboard) and windows hated it and refused to boot with the new cpu without failing (kept going to recovery). If I put the 1600 back in it would work fine. I eventually had to just re-install windows to...
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    SFF Dual 3090 RTX dual CPU 1.5TB ram... and quiet

    That's a badass build, thanks for sharing and updating with more details!!
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    AMD Ryzen 3000 and Older Zen Chips Don't Support SAM Due to Hardware Limitation, Intel Chips Since Haswell Support it

    My biggest question then is, why if it's been supported for this long is it now just AMD coming out with it and pushing it? Why hasn't intel and amd/nvidia had support for this for years? Seems really odd that it's been a supported feature that nobodies used leaving "free" performance on the...
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    I7 10700k or not?

    Yes, the 6 core compares pretty well to the 8 core, but was just an idea as the seemed a bit easier to come upon. OP already pulled the trigger on a 10700k which I have no doubts will be a very noticeable upgrade from a 2700x, especially since I single thread loads.
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    I7 10700k or not?

    Hmm. if you're looking at the 10700k.. why not just grab the 5600x? They are pretty close, easier to find than a 5800x (although 5800x is one i've seen quite a few able to grab with 5900 and 5950 still practically vaporware) and you don't need to build an entire new system unless you really...
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    RISC-V, the Linux of the chip world, is starting to produce technological breakthroughs

    Well, it's 1w and hits 5GHz... even if it's just one core, scale that up to 8 cores and maybe a bit more interconnecting and you've got a 10w 5GHZ chip :). This is much more interesting to me than the Apple M1. Hopefully they release some real #'s to go by, but it's a good sign that they were...
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    Non- Gamer, Non-Miner uses for GPU?

    I use mine for blender rendering as well as transcoding sometimes... i'm sure there are other things, but those are my most common uses.
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    Intel 665p Series M.2 2280 1TB $82.99

    I saw this the other day, pretty nice price for a 1TB drive and slightly better (in general) than the 660p. Not the best drive in the world, but far from the worst!
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    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    Yeah, it was a matter of time before it started getting more mainstream, but my point was it took the rest of the hardware to have an implementation before it was worth the time for most devs. I don't think non hardware RT will every catch on, just not really there yet and by the time it's...
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    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    lol, what? That's literally not what I said, but sure. All I said was that it will be a while before games start catching up back then, and still today. They haven't caught up yet. There is MORE chance they will catch up now that more hardware has support, as before it was a lot of work for...
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    Ray Tracing Without RT Hardware

    Still waiting on this shift to happen.. most are still calling DXR an early feature that's not really that important. It will be a while before games catch up, and that's always been the argument. Now that consoles are out, maybe it'll speed things along (which was also part of the argument...
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    AMD Ryzen 3700x vs INTEL Core i7 10700F - Which one do you think?

    I bought 2 3700x recently, very happy. 65w part (88w actual) that is better at multi. As mentioned, B550s aren't that pricey, it's a 65w CPU so even lower end boards have VRMs that will do fine. I actually run one of mine on a b450 Fatal1ty itx, and another on a. MSI MPG B550 gaming wifi...
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    Comcast data caps are coming in January all over the place

    No, South Carolina... I'm 20-25 minutes from Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target and a bunch of other stuff... only thing they offer here is satellite internet. It's to expensive for them to run land lines this way, I can't even get cable to my house (no big loss there). I have 4g, but the...