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    how much temp improvement for AMD 3900X using Arctic Freezer II 360 instead of AMD Wraith cooler?

    I'm interested in this Arctic Freezer cooler as a replacement for the AMD Wraith cooler, but before I spend the $$$, I would like to know just how much improvement in temps I can expect with the AIO cooler. Also, are the fans running all the time with the AIO, or are they off at lower temps...
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    What is this "b-die" that I keep reading about in various threads?

    My RAM is Crucial Ballistix CL 3600. Is this b-die or something else?
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    Disk activity light doesn't display when NMVe drive in use

    My new rig includes an ASUS ROG X570 Strix-E with a Sabrent Rocket 1 TB NMVe drive. The rocket has two partitions, including C: with Windows and programs, and D: for my data. I just noticed that when I was loading a program, or accessing a data file, the disk activity light on my case did not...
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    Just shucked my first WD Easystore drive - easy

    8 TB Easystore external drive. Even easier to shuck than I imagined. This video helped. Only disappointment is that I got a WD80EDAZ - 11TA3A0 drive, which is a 5400 RPM drive. But the Black Friday price was right, and it's going to used only for daily backups, which I do last thing in the...
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    What is the "centerpoint" height of this monitor - ASUS?

    I'm considering this 24 monitor for my wife's system. It has great reviews and it fits the budget. Only concern is that the height is fixed, unlike the old Samsung 17" my wife's system has now...
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    New to Overclocking - Ryzen/X570/3900X best guides

    Now that my new rig has been running stable for like 5 months at stock settings, I think it's time to push it a bit for better performance. My rig includes: ASUS ROG X570 Strix-E m'board AMD 3900X CPU 2 x 16 Crucial Ballistix CL 3600 RAM. Recommendations appreciated for best guides.
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    Nvidia 3060? When? What specs?

    What's the latest on announcement date? Features and specs, from reliable sources? Since I'm not a gamer, but a Lightroom and Photoshop user, even a 3070 may be overkill for me.
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    System does not boot up. Fans won't spin. A big-noob mistake

    :confused: OK, so I opened up my system case and futzed around a bit with the PSU switch off. Then I turned that switch on, and the system would not boot. The lighting was on on the ASUS x509 ROG board and the AMD cooler but the fans would not spin. And the board did not go through the...
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    Should I get a heatsink for my Sabrent Rocket 1 TB NMVe drive.

    When my system is idling, temps on the Sabrent Rocket NMVe drive are mid-40s. Under use, of temps go higher, maybe 60 or more. Are these good temps? Should I get the optional Sabrent heatsink for this drive or a third party heatsink? (Any recommendations?) My motherboard is an ASUS ROG...
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    printer head stuck in Canon MP530 - any way to get it out?

    I had to get a no-name replacement printer head for my Canon MP 530 printer. So I put the head into the printer, but only one of five ink cartridges actually printed in a test, even though the printer detected all five cartridges. So I thought I should remove and re-seat the printer head. At...
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    What is JBOD?

    With JBOD does the collection of drives in the JBOD enclosure look like one drive? How does JBOD compare with normal RAID? (I'm not being a troll here. I honestly don't know. :censored: )
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    replacement for Ryzen motherboard CPU mount bracket for AIO coolers - anyone use this? reviews this item Anyone using it? Easy to install? Change in temps?
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    opinions on Drobo for DAS or NAS?

    We don't hear much about Drobo these days? Does anyone still use their products?
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    Do PC to PC LAN connections go through the WiFi Router

    I have always wondered about that situation. If true, then I will get a wired hub for the home office.
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    Ok to use MOCA instead of Ethernet, 3 locations in the house?

    I never gave MOCA much thought, but this thread really showed me what I was missing. Like 30 years ago, we did a big remodel and I put in 10Base5 coax Ethernet in the walls to go between first and second floors. It...
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    News item about Vidia trying to buy ARM This magazine is pretty solid. x509
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    recommended order of drivers for system with AMD 3900X and ROG Strix-E replacing Intel 3930 and ASUS P9 board

    If I want to replace my old Intel board with this new AMD CPU/motherboard, what is the best order to install the new drivers, once Windows has booted upwith the new CPU/board?
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    What does the fan on this AIO cooler do? Is the fan supposed to cool the chipset? Say on the ASUS ROG Strix-E? This AIO got recommended in another thread.
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    Will there be a 3060?

    I do need to upgrade my graphics card, and settled on nVidia because Adobe seems to favor nVidia over AMD for GPU enhancements to Lightroom and Photoshop. That said, i'm not a gamer so FPS isn't an issue for me, and I do have a budget of $400 max for a 3-fan model (for quiet operation.) Can I...
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    What's the latest on AMD's driver issues for the RX 5600 XT and similar models?

    A few months ago, I rebuilt my desktop with an ASUS ROG Strix-E, 3900X CPU, and 32 GB of CL 3600 RAM plus an NMVe SSD. I was planning to also get an RX 5600XT (with three fans for quiet operation), but I was really put off by all the posts about driver issues, black screens, etc. By the way...
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    Any thoughts on the new MalwareBytes VPN?

    So they just announced a VPN. I'm no VPN expert, actually more like a VPN noob. But I already use the Premium version of MalwareBytes and it seems to work well enough.
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    Netgear Orbi "satellite" for existing Netgear router

    I just saw this on the Netgear website. The web site seems to imply this new device can work with any router but all the other Orbi info seems to say that it's a 'closed' system. Can anyone clarify. Thanks.
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    inexpensive X79 motherboard?

    Suggestions appreciated for a decent quality inexpensive X79 board. Nothing fancy, just 4 memory slots. I had a thread going about problems with my ASUS P9X79Pro board. After I removed and reseated the CPU, the system would simply not boot up. In that thread, someone recommended a inpensive...
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    USB port on Lenovo T560 intermittently disconnecting/connecting

    Are there any ways to fix this USB port problem? Doing a full powerdown and then powering up again did not fix this problem. When I have a device plugged into this port, every so often the system makes the device removed sound, followed by the device added sound. Sometimes this cycle happens...
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    Could very intermittent PSU issues be causing reboot?

    I am a [H]ard|Gawd with over 2000 posts, but this is my first post in this forum. I'm wondering if by some chance my Corsair AX 850 power supply is the issue with random reboots of my new system. This PSU is about six years old and has run without any problems since I installed it. I'm...
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    3900X with stock cooler - fan speeds up about once a minute while doing Lightroom

    I just built my new system recently with ASUS ROG X570 Strix-E, 3900X CPU with stock cooler, and 2x16 GB Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL 16 RAM. I had an unexplained shutdown after one week, which I fixed after removing the CMOS battery overnight. So before I try to fine-tune and maybe do some...
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    Official ASUS support thread?

    Back in the day, when I first got my ASUS Intel P9X79Pro motherboard, there was an offical ASUS X79 support thread. Does that exist for current ASUS motherboards?
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    chat with ASUS for motherboard issues

    Has anyone been successful in doing a chat session recently with ASUS? I need to do a chat session with ASUS regarding my new ROG X570 Strix-E motherboard. The website page says that all phone support has been suspended. The "chat with us" link just...
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    ASUS ROG Strix-E in use for one week, now shuts down and system won't restart

    Has anyone else had this problem with an ASUS board? This morning, I was using my system when it suddenly shut down. Twice I pressed the power button and the system booted up to Windows, only to shut down within a minute or two. After that, all I get when I press the power button is the fans...
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    How to orient my new ASUS "shark fin" wifi antenna

    I just got this motherboard, which includes built-in WiFi. One of the parts in the box was an antenna that looks...
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    super twitchy mouse on ASUS ROG X570 Strix-E

    My mouse worked Ok on my previous build, ASUS P9X79PRO board, but with this new board, the mouse is so "twitchy" that it's damn near impossible to navigate the BIOS screens. I could not an info in the manual on how to configure the mouse for BIOS. Any suggestions?
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    What is the L|H switch for on the side of the Wraith cooler that came with my 3900x?

    I just unboxed the 3900X and installed it into my motherboard. Easy-peasy, very positive indication, better than Intel processors. :) . So there is a 4-pin header and a 3-pin header on the side of the fan, on the same side as this switch. I'm pretty sure that the 4-pin header is for the PWM...
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    Xfinity Pods - a simple solution for a mesh network? $120 for a pack of three. Question is: how much does a pods installation degrade overall WiFi speeds?
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    DD-WRT or Tomato for Netgear WNDR 4500 V2 ?

    I replaced this router with a Netgear Nighthawk so now I want to use it as a wireless bridge. The standard Netgear software for this router has only WPA security, which is weak, so I want to use DD-WRT or Tomato. Which is better for my purpose? I'm not interested in DD-WRT for my main router...
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    Can't create account on

    When I try to create an account, and I check the "I agree to Terms and Conditions" box, nothing happens. I have tried several times with Firefox and Edge, on two different days. Usually forum registration is easy. Not this time. So what's the "secret" here?
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    Drivers OK for Gigabyte Radeon RX 5600 XT GAMING OC-6G

    I would like comments from owners of this Gigabyte 5600 XT card about driver stabililty. I'm building a new rig based on ASUS ROG Strix-E and AMD 3990X. I was all set to buy this card...
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    which software to check that new build is working properly and then OC?

    Moderators: I don't know if this is the right forum for this post. Please move if necessary. I need some recommendations to make sure my new rig is running properly, so I don't get BSODs. I'm about to redo my rig almost completely. The Corsair 800D case, Corsair 850 W PSU, and Hitachi 7200...
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    DVI-D to Displayport adapter cable - Active or Passive, for Dell U2412Mb

    I have been building my own systems for about 30 years now, but I don't know anything about this issue. :coffee: I'm building a completely new rig with an ASUS ROG Strix-E motherboard, AMD 3900X CPU, and a Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card, probably the GIGABYTE Radeon RX 5600 XT DirectX 12...
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    password to unlock ASUS user manual for X570 Strix-E motherboard

    This is truly weird. I just discovered that I can't highlight or add comments into this user manual, because the PDF is password protected.:banghead: I've always done that with my other ASUS motherboard manuals with no problems. Has anyone run into this problem with other manuals? Does anyone...
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    What are default settings for 3900X in ROG Strix-E motherboard?

    I keep reading reviews that say that a lot of X570 boards have BIOS defaults for voltage, etc, that are too high. So what is a good reference source for the correct BIOS settings, assuming that I want to run my new system at stock CPU and RAM speeds until I know my system is stable?