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    Creative's Sound Blaster Z SE promises an even better audio experience

    I run the Soundblaster ZxR in my new rig, The only reason I got it was that I wanted the Black Mic/IO pod and the Soundblaster ZX I had had the Red pod. it's the thing under the middle of the monitor,
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    First AIO ever, What's Proper AIO mounting/orientation?

    Ya, pushing the warm case air out the top through the radiator. can't put the rad in the front not enough space.
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    First AIO ever, What's Proper AIO mounting/orientation?

    I have mine mounted like this AMD 5800X with H115i Platinum, Intel i7 4790k with H100i RGB Pro XT, and an Intel i7 4770 with an H80i The Plex server on the end with the tubes on the top has been running in that configuration for the past 6 years 24/7. That cooler was in my main rig mounted...
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    AMD Processor Shortage to Continue as 80% 7nm Capacity Allocated to Console SoCs

    How does a $500 console give more profit to AMD than them selling their own $500 processor.
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    Jamo speaker sets marked down $600 plus @ Adorama

    What is up with the tweeter bezels? black on the wood grain speakers and wood grain on the black speakers.
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    Brand new to the mining game - looking to setup a few mining rigs and mine one type of currency - possibly Ethereum? Help would be appreciated

    Well, grab 20+ cards, set up some machines to run them and start mining your Ethereum. I don't mine, but I came across this article the other day, This GeForce RTX 3080 Ethereum mining rig now makes $20K per month -
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    This one was used on Jurassic Park as well, I'll take $25k for it.
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    Apple patents more wireless charging stuff

    I am waiting for the power over the air so you don't need anything plugged in, devices just get power wirelessly. Imagine just putting a lamp or something anywhere in the room and not have to plug it in. They demo'd a TV that had wireless audio and video as well as power maybe 8 or so years ago...
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    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    I have mine named like this HAL-9000 - this was my main rig years ago, then my dual xeon, and now my old 4790k HAL-X100 - my main gaming rig HAL-Xeon - modded 771 Xeon in a 775 board HAL-Mobile - My Dell laptop Plex_Server - My Plex Server
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    EVGA RMA sent be back a different card? This ever happen to anyone else?

    I recently sent in my GTX285 and got a 3090 Kingpin.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    It feels incredible to type on. I got the clicky one since I wanted to have that classic clicky sound.
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    Thinking what would be the best way to split my drive into an OS and Game drive.

    Steam is good with importing the games from where ever you move them to so just do what you are thinking about doing and it should be fine.
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    Need an NVME SSD upgrade. I don't know anything about them

    you can upgrade to larger drives, I upgraded from 1-2TB drives to 4TB drives and added an 8 and 10TB when they were on sale.