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    How much RAM you got?

    Would it? The more memory, the more stress on the memory controller.
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    Street Figher 6 pc benchmark Post your results.
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    Bufferbloat and Internet Speed Test

    I was really using it to test qos. The first test had no qos and the second did. The ping were better with qos on, it costs about 200mbps.
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    Game lagging despite low ping

    have you forwarded the ports needed for this game? dont forget to make windows firewall rules too. Halo: The Master Chief Collection - PC TCP: 3074 UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500
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    Bufferbloat and Internet Speed Test

    Has anyone used this before and if so, what are your results? How This Test Works First we test the latency of your internet connection. Then we compare the results to a latency test performed while running a download speed test and an upload speed test. If the latency increases while the...
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    WTB:Older Ryzen Parts

    2700x/x470? Interested?
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    what do you do with your old CPU when you upgrade?

    I have all off this in the basement in boxes: 3770/p67(?) 4770k/z87 4790/h97 2700x/x470 So for me they seem to collect dust.
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    UniFi Dream Machine 2.4.X firmware - major support

    Er4 and es16 setup. I feel you on updates. But it works fine and never has to be rebooted.
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    Is a 4070ti a better value than a 7900xt now that the 7900 is the same $800?
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    Anyone seriously considering the 4070 TI

    i didnt believe the $800 price of the 4070 ti either...
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    WTB: Intel i7-3770S

    does it have to be an s? i have a non k
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    I’ll look tomorrow. How much you need?

    I’ll look tomorrow. How much you need?
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    8 pin + 4 pin asus x570e- wifi gaming motherboard

    I have a 5950x with a x570 hero mb. I only use the 8 pin cpu connector. Unless you’re really pushing it to the limits, you don’t need the second connector. And when I say really pushing it, I mean ln2 pushing it.