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    Is there a way to circumnavigate not being able to connect more external monitors to macbooks?

    Thunderbolt 4 specs say support up to two 4k displays, so while you may be able to use three, the resolution/framerate will probably be limited. The M3 Max has a second thunderbolt 4 port, so theoretically it could support 4 4k displays, but might be limited by the SoC.
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    i7 is so much more inefficient

    Check your windows performance mode, min and max power states. Check the bios, some like to overclock by default (I mean, more than Intel recommends). Check task manager, make sure there aren't any processes sitting at 100% -- that'd prevent the cpu from idling, and cause unnecessary power...
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    Adobe Standard, weird issue with requesting signatures

    Looks like your or their key (unsure which one contains the info) is missing info in the phone number field, and so your default auth method (phone) is not working. Solution would be to either update the key with phone info, or switch the default method of authentication, or manually choose...
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    Bigscreen Beyond - µOLED 2560x2560 per eye - SteamVR Direct HDM

    If low-brightness means I'm not blinded in normal lighting, I'm all for it. And since you are wearing a display with blinders (effectively using it in a dark room) I'm not sure brightness is really a concern anyway. (Edit: I mean, as long as it has good contrast, your eyes will automatically...
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    So what happened to VR games?

    And other fetishists... 😉😏🤌
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    Renesas Unveils the First Generation of Own 32-bit RISC-V CPU Core

    The blog post says they're for ASSP device voice and motor control, so 32-bit is probably fine. They can be used for other purposes, but for their primary usecase I don't see any problems with it.
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    Web hosting site & registrar recommendation.

    Oh, also, simple web pages (html/css/js) can be hosted on their file storage as well, but I think you'd probably run into usage limits if you used it for anything professionally (company website, etc). But you should be able to find another host easily enough, and it's probably better to...
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    Web hosting site & registrar recommendation.

    I got my domain at dyn before they sold their registrar business. Kept it begrudgingly after the switch, despite the price hike. Sorry, know that doesn't help much. My email host is Dunno how their pricing compares, but I've been satisfied with their service. Simply set up the...
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    Nvidia is ‘No longer a graphics company’

    Rasterization is required to display anything 3d on a monitor. You would have to change display technology or else move the rasterizer if you wanted to remove that from the graphics card. And since the graphics card is the device which outputs to the display, it doesn't really make sense...
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    Is it safe to use other USB Type C Charger

    If apple calls it USB type-c, then it should be safe. If it's not, then they'd be liable for damages from a lot of very angry customers. That said, whether it will charge or not will depend on the capabilities of the port you connect the cable to, and whether apple programmed their phone to...
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    Why did Microsoft remove the photo viewer from Windows?

    Drag-left/drag-right doesn't work with the mouse? I figure they probably switched from buttons to gestures, since they're focusing on mobile interfaces more. Thankfully I don't have to deal with that, since I hardly use my PC for photos/video anyway, aside from streaming (which is also rare). I...
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    How would treat your PSU if you experience this behavior? Not turning on at all when a bad cable is connected?

    I mean it trips an internal safety mechanism (probably some kind of resettable fuse). Usually they don't reset until power is removed from the supply, either by unplugging or by flipping the power switch on the supply (if it has one). While the fuse is tripped, the system will not power on at...
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    How would treat your PSU if you experience this behavior? Not turning on at all when a bad cable is connected?

    Yes, a faulty cable can cause this. If it shorts one of the power rails to ground, it should trigger the overcurrent protection and cut off power. I think most supplies will not turn back on until they are switched off manually or unplugged for a few seconds. As far as what to do: You could ask...
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    Electrostatic discharge with the case closed?

    I've heard of people killing usb ports from large static discharges, but generally if they are grounded properly in the case (usually there is a ground wire soldered to the ports on cases with plastic panels, rear i/o shield has tabs which should thouch the outside case of the ports, and the mb...
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    How to trade without PayPal? Is it possible?

    I think he meant "failure to complete the transaction after taking money via money order" is fraud (iow, you can use legal action to get reimbursed if things don't go well), not "using it for a transaction is fraud."