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    Do you think we'll see PC focused, groundbreaking games ever again?

    The argument will be the same, does big budget game resource go toward only game that has in mind a certain type of controller ? I do not imagine someone care only if it is pc or the pc with a sony logo-microsoft-nintendo logo on it, but the actual type of game (with actual gaming scenario...
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    Do you think we'll see PC focused, groundbreaking games ever again?

    For something going big budget, PS5 / Xbox not able to run it with lower resolution would almost certainly never be the issue of why it would be PC centric (even if a simplified version control wise is made later on), exclusive is I agree a bit useless to worry much about. Absolutely require...
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    Do you think we'll see PC focused, groundbreaking games ever again?

    Star Citizen certainly has that feeling to it (and if ever end up on some console it will be the afterthought) and I imagine that the only type of game which will ever happen, where a mix of: 1) Target audience mismatch with living room audience 2) Number of needed buttons does not fit on a...
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    I think all company (Intel-nivida-sony, etc...) are working on a chiplet, not just AMD and I could be naïve but it sound to me extremely challenging and not easy (would have been done I imagine if that was not the case by how much improving by same size/watt has slowed down and the complexity...
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    Q9650 vid 1.30 Oced 3.8G DDR3 1333 long term statistics

    In one way it is awesome (not much if any forced obsolescence, stability on the software side and good standard that live well (PCI, x32-64, usb, ethernet and so on) On the other side that show how slower the progression in every way was. Imagine trying to play in 2001 with your 1988-89, even...
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    Best Simulation peripherals? Driving, flying, etc.

    For people with the tools/ability, that solution do look like an incredible quality/price (the part with the seat controls is particularly nice, that a lot of gaming chair by dollar) and everything seem heavy/rock solid. In a certain way VR help to keep the cost down at equal experience as well...
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    Solid State Drives Too Damn Small

    Yeah I too feel it would better if the 2-4tb were cheaper by now,
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    My first M.2 Drive

    If you do not need the drive to be on a always on device and does fit on your motherboard/case no need for a dedicated NAS obviously, but I am pretty certain you can cache or do everything on a computer you use has a nas. Apparently that Linux default behavior, but my gigabyte ethernet being...
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    Players found cheating in Call of Duty games may now find themselves banned from the entire franchise, including all previous games and future titles

    In a world where cheat system try to pass themselve has purely human it is hard to imagine an anti-cheat system to not have false positive (how would that be possible, it will be a race with the cheat and the anti-cheat technology that will never be perfect), false positive need to be taken...
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    My first M.2 Drive

    I feel this has well, going from not much video card to a voodoo card and from HDD to SSD were spectacular move, floppy disk to CD/usb thumbdrive and for people that had 56k or less internet to broadband, those were game changer upgrade that would just be really hard to go back to compute...
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    Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Executive VP of Gaming, advocates for game preservation

    Books are arguably one of the most persevering mediums because the same copy you read as a kid can be enjoyed again and again as you grow older. Movies, TV shows, and music start to exhibit the problems with relying on technology for media consumption. ... Thankfully, those industries typically...
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    Ars Technica article: No end to chip shortages

    But again from my understanding the car chips issue is on very old tech not the new one: One approach that few...
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    Ars Technica article: No end to chip shortages

    From what I understand, that what they did, most of the hundreds of chips in the auto industry were 200nm-300nm type of very old and the Testla and other that did the exact opposite on 7nm did much better, because investing in old tech foundries has not been popular
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    {HOT} Thermaltake 500w PSU $15

    Probably Thermaltake is not no-name brand They look very similar to those: $70
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    It is not holding back if it cannot be realistically mass manufactured at a possible price (and watt consumption) If the claim is, they could have made something that cost even more and consume even more (and reduce their margin a lot or go for a really bigger price), that not holding back...