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    Mini-fridge casemod..........

    no it's not a great idea. as has been said a million times, fridges are great at removing heat from food, but as soon as you introduce a constant heat source you'll just burn them out.
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    Intel Pentium 133, epoxy, and me

    oh man, i remember playing that game for ages on my dads ibm, which was two years older than me and i was born in '84. It ran like SHIT on that too, lol. anyways, to the original poster, freezing is your only hope. if it fails after an hour in the freezer, don't panic. go to an ice cream...
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    speed doubling?

    i was informing him of the doom3 ati tweaks, i don't know where he got speed doubling out of that.
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    Gainward GF4 Ti4200 128mb Problem ?

    just rma it to gainward. say it checkerboards or something and they'll get you a new card. then sell it and never buy gainward again. after two consecutive rma's i know i won't.
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    My junk de-humidifier fun:)

    keep in mind that you'll get a net gain of water over time, since im guessing you'll use the dehumidifiers water trap as a reservoir.
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    not bad for $20.00

    at least describe the deal in the title so i know not to click on the thread.
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    any E.T.A for LGA 775 Socket Release Date?

    at this point i think intel has lost the performance crown, for the forseeable future. why do you want to upgrade to the new socket and not say socket 939? im not an amd fanboy. all my computers are intel (although i hope that changes soon), im just curious what's influencing your decision.
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    2.6c @ 3.0 (1:1) or 2.6c @ 3.2 (5:4)?

    those are all cpu tests, of course 200mhz will make a minor difference, enough for you to say they 'win'
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    2.6c @ 3.0 (1:1) or 2.6c @ 3.2 (5:4)?

    how incredibly insightful. thanks for livening up the debate! i mean, you made it pretty clear that what i said is wrong, and im sure others will read your post and become convinced as i have.
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    2.6c @ 3.0 (1:1) or 2.6c @ 3.2 (5:4)?

    ok, it seems i struck a nerve, and although you went on the defensive you couldn't post some evidence? im not if you read the thread title, but we're talking about 4:5 or 1:1. i know you're just baiting me, but perhaps you thought i wouldn't respond.
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    Running a netbus without users knowing?

    i think instead of running a netbus, you should try driving a shortbus.
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    P4 2.4A OCing what temps are OK? oh and 3.5 ghz on stock cooling/voltage

    post some that are prime stable, im curious.
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    any E.T.A for LGA 775 Socket Release Date?

    this is a huge disaster.
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    2.4A Prescott problems

    i said we tried the MSI board twice, and sent it back both times to newegg. the p4c800 is a very expensive board (although no quite as outrageous as an ic7). and what i wanted and what i expected are two very different things. i sure as hell expected it to run a little quicker than this, but...
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    Is a 2.4 C clock for clock better than a 2.4 A (Pressy)?

    the 2.4a allows you to overclock while staying synced 1:1 with the ram at all times, you don't need any uber pc4000 ram either. dividers other than 1:1 seem like additional latencies to me. but it all comes down to what you use your box for. if hyperthreading can benefit you (ie do you have...