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    Did I buy a mobo with no 5.1 audio??

    Looks like they went pretty 'budget' on the audio solution for this board. That's an older, lower level audio chip. You are probably best getting a decent USB soundcard/DAC.
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    12700k to 13700k or 13900k ?

    13600k beats the 12700k in everything and costs less 13600k matches or beats the 12900k in every game. And beats the 12700k in multicore work and productivity apps.
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    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (coming to PC)
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    Trade my coil whiny Asus TUF 4090 against a silent MSI TRIO X 4090?

    Coil whine is awful. Techpowerup liked the Trio X just as much as the higher model Suprim. Very cool and quiet. 27db at full load. As mentioned, there is an X factor for once you actually put it into your own system.
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    Best bang for the $? 5500 vs 5600 vs 5600X vs 3600X for OFFICE work loads

    The extra cache in the 5600 helps a lot in gaming Vs. the 5500 I would take a 3600 over a 5500, because the 3600 support PCIe 4.0. So, better storage potential. But also, many of the mid and low range cards are only using 8x multipliers. So when they are put into a PCIe 3.0 system (like a...
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    Is this guys method of applying thermal paste a good idea? Wrap cling wrap over your finger and then use it to spread the paste?

    Not any worse than spreading with a tiny spatula. And probably less wasteful. I don't understand how this could possible "damage" a CPU.
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    What is the best GPU for 1080p gaming

    For ~ $300: RX 6700 (non-XT) or RX 6650 XT
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    Amazon - SK hynix Platinum P41 PCIe NVMe Gen4 M.2 2280 Internal SSD 1TB ($102) and 2TB ($170)

    A. The PS5 has a chip dedicated to the advanced storage features. So, any PCIe 4.0 drive (which has its own DRAM) which meets minimum speed requirements, can be used. B. The internal drive for the PS5 is, indeed, not the fastest out there. It emphasizes read performance, but even that part...
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    Need Fan recommendations for IceGiant ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler

    When you say "overheating"-----what is the temperature in Valheim? Have you tried re-mounting the cooler? Sounds like poor mounting contact. The fans on the Ice Giant are made by Arctic-----they are very decent fans. An industrial fan is not the correct fix here.
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    Amazon - SK hynix Platinum P41 PCIe NVMe Gen4 M.2 2280 Internal SSD 1TB ($102) and 2TB ($170)

    Have a look at this Corsair
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    Microsoft cancels "new" console

    God of War: Ragnarok is Sony's biggest opening ever Elden Ring vastly outsold Dark Souls 3's lifetime sales, in its first month.
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    Microsoft cancels "new" console

    Licensing hasn't been a big barrier, that I am aware. Most of Xbox Gamepass, is streamable, if you subscribe to gamepass ultimate. I'm sure there are some games left out. But its not many. And MS owns so many studios now----it kinda doesn't matter if a couple of games are left out?-----they have...
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    silverstone grandia gd08 - CPU Cooler

    If its at stock power limite, the 12700 is 60w. But of course, you can unlock the power limits to whatever you want. However, the power limit likely isn't the issue. I mean, the CPU isn't anywhere close to using full power, for youtube, etc. The iGPU even decodes AV1. The problem here is simply...
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    silverstone grandia gd08 - CPU Cooler

    Another option
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    Further Big Price Cut on AM5 at Newegg, Amazon, B&H Photo, and probably others 7950x @ $550-$555 and 7900x @ $474

    There are several games in TPU's test, which were significantly faster on 13900k Vs. 5800X3D. And some of those games are commonly used for reviews. Averaging it out to "5% slower at 1080p" is in my opinion, fudging the numbers for AMD. That said, 5800X3D is a fantastic gaming CPU. And does...