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    Best Micro Desktop for mom, $300US range. Need some options!

    Soooo why don't you just pickup a NUC? the quad core Pentiums have plenty of performance for her needs and SSDs have never been cheaper. Moms LOVE tiny PCs and do not care if they lost a tiny amount of performance per dollar that they were never going to notice anyway. If you're worried about...
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    3 Slot "MATX" motherboard in Ncase M1

    Nice! Had not previously heard of the QNAP NIC/M.2 Card. Too bad it doesn't appear to be supported by Synology. Their lack of a NAS that supports NVMe caching AND 10Gbit is a pretty gaping hole in their lineup. That said, obviously a single PCIe x4 slot can't handle that much simultaneous...
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    3 Slot "MATX" motherboard in Ncase M1

    huntk So what's the word on the mATX M1? I saw the imgr posts, but no build log. How'd it go? Did I read correctly that you mounted the PSU directly to the frame with one screw? What did you end up doing with the extra PCIe lanes?
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    SilverStone SX650-G Dual EPS

    Yeah, it wasn't actually made available until about the 2nd week January. Right after my post. I was one of the first people I saw to order it on Jan 7. It's been working great in my Cerberus X. Pretty quiet. Cables could be a tiny bit longer though. The Cerberus X is obviously a larger...
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    Corsair SF600 (2018) 600W SFX Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Oh yeah, let me tell you all about my plans of slapping an 18-core, $2K CPU into a single PCIe slot motherboard and mounting a heatsink the size of a basketball to it! Joking, but honestly, I think that Intel's crumbling usefulness in the HEDT realm will end up killing it or forcing them to...
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    SilverStone SX650-G Dual EPS

    Well I need it. FYI, Corsair is apparently releasing a 750W SFX unit that will support dual EPS sometime soon, probably announced around CES. Although depending on timing, I may skip the SFX PSU altogether and just buy the HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX and 400W AC-DC kit. HDPLEX is perfectly willing...
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    Recommended PSU for Dual System Rig

    Not sure which calculators you've been using, but I'm a big fan of the eXtreme Outer Vision Power Supply Calculator: Very granular. Allows for overclocked CPU/GPU power estimations. Otherwise, seems like a pretty awesome system if you've got the...
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    Massdrop Vast: 35" VA 3440x1440 100Hz Freesync $549

    Yeah because Freesync is so relevant with AMD putting out such garbage low performance/high wattage GPU's and selling all of 5 of them to reviewers before the rest of their stock goes to miners. Maybe one day, long after Vega is a bad memory, AMD will be able to compete in the high perf GPU...
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    LG 38UC99 - 37.5'' 3840x1600 75Hz IPS FreeSync

    I assume you're talking about the one in Fairfax? I saw the 38" on display there awhile back. Looks nice, and if I gamed more than I needed screen real estate I might be tempted, but as long as I can pickup 39-43" 60Hz displays for around $300, I don't see the need to drop over a grand on a...
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    LG 38UC99 - 37.5'' 3840x1600 75Hz IPS FreeSync

    Do what I did when I was considering my first 40ish" 4K display. Pull the physical dimensions of the display and cut out a cardboard box to match the height/width. Set it up on your desk and sit in front of it. I'm on my 3rd...
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    The Secret Service Has Lost 1,024 Computers Since 2001

    They needed ghost guns for sanctioned assassinations?
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    The Secret Service Has Lost 1,024 Computers Since 2001

    What incompetent dick heads. Take it as a hint that you're in a dead end career field and get busy retraining. Fully backs my primary issue with anyone in accounting or HR though, they took that job because they weren't qualified to do anything else.
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    The Secret Service Has Lost 1,024 Computers Since 2001

    Honestly, I'm amazed at the relatively low tablet loss. As for your servers, I've got a Skull Canyon NUC that I'm thinking about trying out as an ESXi server for the house, maybe they are doing something like that? It's about the size of a notepad...
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    Deleting Facebook App Could Save 20 Percent Of Your Android's Battery Life

    I am almost positive that 20% is an overly conservative number. For general quality of life improvement. I can't speak to the battery life improvement as I have been begrudgingly running the Facebook Lite app pretty much since ver. 1.0.
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    Microsoft To Showcase New Surface PC, Other Hardware At Oct 26th Event

    I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be more fanfare or speculative interest in the Surface Book follow up. I've never particularly cared for the Surface Pro line of tablets that want to be laptops, and couldn't really care less about another AiO to hit the market and immediately be...